Why should you be at Bangalore Literature Festival 2014 (26th to 28th Sep)? – part 2 of 3

Hola people! We are back with more information about BLF 2014, happening from 26th to 28th September in Electronics City. Are you wondering what is in it for you? I mean, does it really make sense to go alllllll the way to Electronics City for a book fest. Ask any Bangalorean who stays near Malleswaram, if they would like to go to Electronics City and you will get a good “Are you nuts??” look, guaranteed!  So then “Why”? Here is why we think you should definitely be at Bangalore Literature Festival Edition 3.0 this coming weekend.

1. The euphoria of being surrounded by everything books – If books give you a high, and book lovers will know what we are talking about, then you should be here. Simple! No other fluff filled, heavy worded, deep meaningful reason. You will be surrounded by books, book lovers, book writers, book hoarders.There will be book launches, book signings, book selling. There will be 150 authors, speakers and performers at BLF 3.0 spread over 3 days. Who knows whom you might bump into, meet and end up making new friends or meeting old ones? This is THE social gathering that you should not miss.

2. A lovely ambience – Imagine a Bangalore winter morning, bright and clear sky, the sun is out – comforting and not too harsh, huge lush green lawns, trees, the cool breeze, a book in your hand and you sitting in a cozy book nook catching up on your latest engrossing favourite! You can do this for real at BLF. You will have plenty of time between the panel discussions and various sub events going on and you can even skip some discussions you don’t want to listen to. Grab your book, lounge away and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of books with an ambience to match. Want any more reasons to be there? This is one of the best ones 😉


3. Meeting your favourite authors – At last year’s fest, a friend was one among the many people waiting in the crowd for the star attraction Farhan Akhtar. Obviously people were excited to see him, be close to him and hoping that they were lucky enough to get an autograph or a picture with him. When he walked in towards the stage surrounded by body guards there was this loud buzz and oohs and aahs. After about a minute the crowd settled down when they realised no one was getting near him. They all made way to the ground to sit down to hear him in discussion with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, Prasoon Joshi and Bhawana Somaaya. Our friend was also walking to find a place to sit and was behind the rest of the crowd when she realised she was walking along someone special! In his trademark white cotton kurta pyjama, shawl and glasses it was none other than the poet, the author, the legend – Gulzaar. Imagine her joy at being up, close and personal with him. She took a picture and had a happy grin on her face for the rest of the day. This and many more such opportunities will be there at the BLF 2014 to see, meet, hear your favourite authors, speakers, artistes through panel discussions, which form the meat of the event for 3 days, book signings, speaker corners and more.


4. Buying more books and getting them signed – If you are anything like us, then you will have shelves of unread books lined up in your house and yet you end up buying more every time you visit the bookstore! Do you do that? BLF 2014 gives you a perfect ambience to buy and stock more. Oxford book store will have an extensive book stall just for this event. So if post a session you want to grab a copy of that author’s book, then you can buy it at the book store and get it signed by the author too. Interesting, right? We wouldn’t miss such an opportunity!

5. Listen to some spell binding musical performances – The cultural part of the festival is a must-not-miss too! This year we will get to hear concerts by Shubha Mudgal and Bombay Jayashree. The venue looks ethereal at night with the lawns, the colourful lights an canopies. A beautiful mingling of music, art and culture make it a wonderful experience under the star lit sky. On Friday, 26th September evening we will have Oscar Award nominated Carnatic musician Smt Bombay Jayashri Ramnath. On Saturday, 27th September evening we will have enowned Hindustani musician Smt Shubha Mudgal.










6. Learn something new – Want to brush up your knowledge? Learn something new? Discover new fields of work, writing and authors? Then Bangalore Literature Festival is the perfect place for that. This season there will be a major focus on the North Eastern States of India. Along with that there will be other themes such as gender issues, LGBT rights, travel writing, Dalit writing, Kannada literature, South Indian languages and literature, music writing, children’s writing, humour, short stories, cinema, poetry, biographies and memoirs, sports, entrepreneurship and love. Pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend and learn more.

7. Budding authors, pitch your manuscript – Looking for a chance to pitch your manuscript and hear new ideas? LitMart at BLF 3.0 offers a fantastic opportunity for that. Aspiring, unpublished authors can pitch their manuscripts in a 3 minute presentation to a huge crowd of literary agents and publishers. The response to LitMart, where unpublished authors can pitch English manuscripts a has been staggering! And so the last date has been pushed out to Sunday, 21st September, end of day. Go on, send out your entries and get your chance to make history!

8. Spend quality family time – Do you have kids? And you think, no point taking them to the event as there won’t be anything for the little one’s to do? Wrong! There is going to be a separate area just for the kids’s events with multiple events for them throughout the day. There will be stories, folk tales, quizzes – a Tiger quiz. a Harry Potter quiz, a detective workshop on Saturday. So bring your kids, let them soak in the atmosphere, enjoy the open area and spend family time!


9. Foodie haven – For all the foodies who love their food more than anything else in the world and books come just second. Worry not, there is lots for you to do and eat at the festival. There will be paid stalls where you can buy food and beverages throughout the day on all 3 days. Last time there was a good selection of street food, local and international cuisine  and this year it is expected to be even better.

10. Repeat performance – And if you have been to the previous 2 editions of the festival and are wondering if you should go, after all it will be almost similar this time, won’t it? Then this quote from “The Last Little Blue Envelope” by Maureen Johnson is perfect for you – “You can never visit the same place twice. Each time, it’s a different story. By the very act of coming back you wipe out what came before.” So get set to enjoy 3 days of a unique literary and cultural extravaganza and a true celebration of ‘Literature in the Park’.

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