What is Internet of Things or IoT?

At EventsHigh, it is our sincere endeavour to keep you informed of diverse events happening in your city. We are on the lookout for emerging trends and themes. Today, we want to talk to you about how Bangalore is gearing up for “Internet of Things” – a new way of how we are going to use and consume internet.
Internet of What??? You ask.
I had the exact same question when I started working on this and then I did my research and this is what I found out about it. So here we are with IoT in easy words!

IoT stands for Internet of Things. In the simplest of words, it is the network of physical objects accessed through the Internet Or how different daily-use things or devices connect with other things and are in sync, like an internet network. Or as Paul Williamson, director of low power wireless for semiconductor maker CSR says “A true Internet of Things is coordination between multiple devices.” Think Smart Buildings, Smart Parking and more. For example, do the lights in your bathroom switch off on their own once you are done with your bath and out of the bathroom? Does the exhaust fan start running on its own once your bath is over? Can you switch off the lights in your house from your office? The answers to all these things and making them work lie in IoT.

You can read more about the ABCs of IoT here by Unicom Learning and here by Cisco.



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IoT is tagged as being the next big thing for multiple reasons. The IoT is connecting new places such as, manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation systems to the internet. The scope of application and the number of people that can be reached out to using this technology is endless. Marketing and advertising will be a key area of utilisation. For example internet linked advertising boards. IoT based devices will help governments regulate waste and overuse. Think smart water meter systems to detect and report leakages.

There are a lot of meet ups, conferences and a whole week dedicated to IoT coming up this month, in Bangalore. Here are some of our picks for events you can attend.

1. Startup Saturday Bangalore – October Edition, 11th October, SaturdayStartup Saturday is a meet-up for all types of startups and enthusiasts, this month’s theme is IoT. So there will be lot of IoT startups as well as IoT enthusiasts. There will be keynotes, demos and panel discussion. The entry is Rs 150.

2. Electronics Rocks 2014, 10th and 11th October, Friday and Saturday – There is a big 2 day conference called Electronics Rocks 2014 on 10th and 11th October. The conference aims to discuss all things Electronics with the primary focus area being IoT. There will be 65+ talks, 12 workshops, formal and informal sessions to discuss IoT among other things. There will be a community meet up on Day 2 of this conference. At this meetup, creators of IoT products and projects will show their work and discuss the internals – all in a very informal, community setting. If you have an IoT project (either completed or work-in-progress, simple or complex), please do take it along. This would also be a good opportunity to seek ideas from the community on what else you can do with it, resolve any problems you may be facing, find team mates and generally have some geeky fun!

3. Internet of Things, What and How? 18th October, Saturday – If you are curious about what IoT is? How it can impact our daily lives? What are the pros & cons of it? Is it going to simplify or complicate our lives? Then this meet up is perfect for you. Get the answers to all these questions and more.



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4. India IoT Week workshop: The Internet of Things with Raspberry Pi, 25th October, Saturday – Raspberry PI is one of the most popular open source development platforms available in the market today. It is a miniature credit-card sized powerful computer that let designers develop multimedia applications – media playback & streaming, gaming, graphics etc. If Raspberry Pi and IoT are combined together then the options and possibilities are endless. This workshop organised by Unicom will take you through the how, why and what of IoT and the connection between Raspberry Pi and IoT. It is a must attend event for Developers, Engineers, Tech Leads, Tech Architects, Technical Managers and Program Managers.

5. Internet of Things Conference, 28th October, Tuesday – This is a one day conference on Internet of Things as part of the IoT Week 2014. The conference will focus on the rising adoption, advancement, and application of Internet of Things. It will showcase various thought-provoking presentations and cover the subject from different angles. The conference, organized by UNICOM, focuses on topics that include the technical aspects, as well as the business side of Internet of Things. You can find out the potential opportunities unfolding ahead of us, hear the predictions from the experts, meet and network with peers and thought leaders.


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Hope this article make understanding IoT easier and gives you avenues and ideas to learn more about it. You can keep track of and plan to attend the various events related to IoT by checking the list of IoT events here. Happy Learning!