The Times of India Theatre Festival – 30th Oct to 2nd Nov

The theatre scene in Bangalore is at an all time high. With so many venues for theatre lovers (which includes us at EventsHigh) and so much to choose from, one can say we are spoilt. Culturally rich and smaller local theatres have come up which has helped take the theatre scene to every part of the city. The city has some beautiful places where one can go and enjoy a bit of drama, quite literally and also browse through a book store or eat at lovely little cafes. Ranga Shankara in Jayanagar, Jagriti in Whitefield, Rangoli Metro Art Center on MG Road, Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Malleswaram are some of the venues where plays are staged. Theatre like any other art form, brings people together, encourages a thoughtful mind and provides that much needed impetus to a stagnant mind.

The Times of India Theatre Festival is going to start this week in Bangalore. It is on from 30th Oct to 2nd Nov. 4 days, 4 plays, 2 venues. As their tagline says “Drama is Everyday! Some days have a little more of it” This fest brings you 4 plays which are nothing unusual and pretty much like our everyday life mixed with drama. Yet they have something that makes them totally entrancing!

October 30, Thursday: Cinderella the Pantomine
The festival opens with TOI home- production, Cinderella: The Pantomime, a musical adaptation inspired by English pantomimes, based on the timeless classic fairy tale of Cinderella. This one is suitable even for kids, ages 2 years and up. We all know the story of Cinderella but the pantomime promises to be a whole lot of crazy, good fun. It will have something for everyone to enjoy, all in all an evening of fun and laughter for everyone. There are local artists from Bangalore starring in the play, so go and support friends and friends of friends! Written by Ben Crocker. Directed by Nilu. Time and Venue: 7:30 pm, Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram


October 31, Friday: 30 days in September
This play has completed 200 shows and travelled worldwide. It explores the complexity of a mother-daughter relationship. A mother, played by Lillete Dubey, discovers the truth about her daughter, which sets them both on a journey of self-discovery about their lives and their inextricably linked past. It also features child sexual abuse, which has been in the spot light more so recently than previous times. The age limit for this play is 18 years and up. Written by Mahesh Dattani. Starring & Direction by Lillete Dubey. Time and Venue: 7:30 pm, Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram

November 1, Saturday: Dear Father
The story revolves around the Mankad family and their average life. The Mankad family comprises the father – Mr. Manu Mankad, played by Paresh Rawal, the son – Ajay Mankad and the daughter-in-law – Alka Mankad. Ajay is a lawyer and Alka teaches Maths at a college. They live an average life with ‘average khusi and average ghum‘. Behind this facade of a happy family, however, is there a mystery waiting to be revealed? The age limit for this play is 18 years and up. Directed by Dinkar Jani Starring Paresh Rawal. Time and Venue: 6:00 pm, Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala


November 2, Sunday: Nidrawatham & Hanuman Ramayana 
The Adishakthi group will be presenting two plays at festival: Nidrawathwam, a play that talks about the sleep of Kumbakarana and the sleeplessness of Laxmana and Hanuman Ramayana which seeks to image the disjointed leaping of a monkey mind from one unrelated event to another. In the end, awestruck by the genius of Hanuman’s Ramayana, Valmiki takes it from him and puts it in order. Adishakti, from Pondicherry, is a performance company engaged in the research and reanimation of traditional knowledge in theatre, dance, music, movement and craft forms. The age limit for this play is 18 years and up. Directed by Adishakthi Laboratory for Theatre Art Research. Time and Venue: 6:00 pm, Jyothi Nivas College, Koramangala 

If you are unable to watch these plays, you can try to see one of the plays, part of Ranga Shankara’s Annual Theatre Festival going on from 28th October to 9th Nov. They are celebrating 10 years of drama with 13 wonderful, hand picked plays, starting with Piya Behrupiya and ending with Naseeruddin Shah’s Ismat Apa Ke Naam (one play definitely worth watching). You can see the entire list of plays here. The fest is also a commemoration for Shankar Nag’s 60th birthday which is on 9th Nov.

Or you can catch one of the plays from the Jagriti Theatre’s Season 2014 plays. Their annual season started from Sep 19 and will go on till Nov 23rd. The 2 plays coming up are Stale News by Badal Sircar and Charandas Thief by Habib Tanvir.



Check out these so many plays running in the city and go spend an evening watching emotions, art, creativity and magic unfurling on the stage!! Trust us, it is sheer bliss to get lost in that world of expressions, drama and passion. We wish we could see all of these lovely plays but then so little time and so much to do, sigh! Have a melodramatic weekend, should we say? Enjoy!

Pictures Courtesy – EventsHighParoma Roy – Roy Stills, BuzzInTownJagriti