5 reasons to go to Cycle Day

What do you do on your weekends? Relax, exercise, play, spend quality time with family, shop, run, cycle, do nothing? Do you want to do something new? It is all nice, but are you yearning to break the routine and do something exciting; where there is exercise, play, spend time with family, cycle and have fun – all in one? Then you must head to Cycle Day this Sunday. Doesn’t matter if you haven’t cycled since ages, come and rediscover the fun and joy of cycling.

We feel that Bangalore’s traffic and it’s weather make it perfect to cycle or do any other form of exercise, like running. The traffic is so bad at times that a cycle can get you around faster. Most of you will agree to that, right? A lot of people have taken to cycling in the recent past and the awareness amongst people about alternative, greener and cleaner ways to ride to work, to have a hobby, for fitness, is on the rise. Hence an event like Cycle Day is so apt right now.

Cycle Day is an initiative started by the Bangalore Coalition for Open Streets (BCOS) – a non-profit collective comprising of the Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Praja RAAG, EMBARQ India, ESAF and individual citizens. Their mission as stated by them, is to transform Bangalore through cycling and open streets, creating active communities, connected citizens and happy neighbourhoods.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be there at the next Cycle Day

1. Free event and cycle rentals – This fun filled family event is FREE and open to all. No registrations required. Just show up at 6:30 am on Sunday at the Whitefield Inner Circle Park. You can either bring along your cycles, OR rent one for FREE at the venue. Be there early to grab a free cycle. They all usually end up being taken pretty soon.

2. Street games for children – Yes! The kinds we all played while growing up; drawn with chalk on the road and played with other kids. There will be games like tug of war, laghori, chowka bhara, chess, knots and crosses and more. A 1 km long street will be blocked to make a safe zone for street games, so you don’t have to worry about you and the kids being on the road. You can also try skateboarding, hula hoops, juggling and other fun activities.

3. Yoga sessions and warm up – A yoga warm up will be done to start with at around 7:30 am, followed by a group ride at 7:45 am. From 8:30 am onwards there will be street games for children, a yoga session which all yoga enthusiasts can attend while the rest of the family cycles, sits or makes new friends.

4. Cycling and related accessories, demos and more – There will be a 3.5 Km long group ride, with support from Whitefield Traffic Police. There will be demos about cycles, their accessories and riding gear, sessions on how to maintain your cycle. So if you are a newbie rider and have questions about your cycle or gear feel free to ask the experts. Or if you are planning to upgrade to the next big thing in the market then this will be the right place to ask people.

5. First time in Whitefield Cycle Day has been having these street style fun cycle days across the city. They have conducted them in Cubbon Park, Jayanagar, HSR Layout, Indiranagar, Yelahanka and now they are having their first session in Whitefield. After this 1st session they will organise a Cycle Day every 2nd Sunday of the month. If you couldn’t attend the previous cycle days because of the distance from your home, now is the perfect time to do that Whitefield and ORR residents!

So come enjoy the crisp wintery Sunday morning, the sun, the birds, the traffic-free street, cycle some, play some, do some yoga, learn something new, make new friends or just enjoy the Inner circle park.

Date and Time – 9th November, Sunday, 6:30 am

Venue – Whitefield Inner Circle Park

Be there! Do something new. Be part of a green, clean way to have fun and stay healthy.

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Pictures courtesy – Cycle Day FB page