Welcome Parag Sarda to EventsHigh!

We are super excited to announce that our close friend and ex-colleague, Parag Sarda, has joined us on our EventsHigh journey.

“A team aligned behind a vision will move mountains” -Kevin Rose. We are fortunate to have Parag with us who has such strong alignment with our core values and our vision of connecting users with events that they would love to attend. Parag did his Masters at Indian Institute of Science and brings solid engineering experience with his prior work at Google, WalmartLabs and Microsoft. He is very passionate about enabling local event discovery through mobile experience and has helped us chart some very cool ideas on the mobile front..stay tuned!

And what’s the point of journey without some fun, so here are some personal quotes from Parag:

  • “Let’s agree it’s crap.”
  • “It should just work.”
  • “Aata majhi satakli (now you are doomed!)”

Welcome again, Parag!