The Humming Tree – a music venue and bar

EventsHigh presents our next venue in the series of awesome venues across Bengaluru, to enjoy art, music, dance – The Humming Tree. It is a recently opened music venue and bar and caters to a wide range of audience. From the rock lover to the Indo-western fan and from doing social good to making you feel good it has something for everybody!

The Humming Tree opened in the city from June 2013 and since then it has become a very popular venue to relax, enjoy, chill out with friends, to have great food and drinks and listen to music and hear artists from all over the country and the world. There is street and valet parking available. Their line up of artists for January is ready and is very impressive!


Picture Source: The Humming Tree FB page

They have an artist performing pretty much every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Advaita @The Humming Tree (early sets by Khalid Ahamed and Physical Graffiti) – Advaita is an eclectic fusion band based in New Delhi. Their music is global yet true to their Indian roots and they have established themselves as an original act on the Indian music scene. You can enjoy the brilliance of Hindustani classical, as well as the thrill of rock. They use and play a lot of instruments – Guitars, Drums, Keyboards, Bass, Tabla and Sarangi. The entry is Rs 300 and it includes 1 beer/mocktail. Jan 9th, Friday, 9:00 pm onwards. 

The Humming Tree presents Tiny Fingers + Until We Last – Tiny fingers is a 4 member band from Israel who combine post-rock, live electronics, psychedelic and groove, forming a powerful, super-intensive musical mix. They are emerging as a festival favourite both in their home country and abroad and their live act is a mind blowing experience of futuristic sounds and visuals, leaving the audience begging for more.

Until We Last is a Bangalore based post-rock band that formed in 2011. Originally a one-man bedroom project started by Ketan Bahirat, it evolved into a fully fledged band in December 2012, when Bahirat was joined by Ralston D’souza on drums, Chaithanya Jade on guitars and Anjan Bhojraj on bass. The band typically composes guitar based instrumental pieces that feature melodic bass lines and a heavy use of effects. The entry is Rs 300 and it includes 1 beer/mocktail.  Jan 10th, Saturday, 8:30 pm onwards. 


Picture Source: CultFest FB event page

CultFest Launch Gig – For a midweek explosion of music, attend the launch gig for CultFest – a Brand new experiential Multi Genre Music Festival. This will be the first big open air Metal Festival of 2015. This launch gig will feature 4 metal bands –

Neolithic Silence (Melodic Death / Thrash Metal)
Cheisrah (Progressive Metal)
Necrophilia (Death Metal)
Chase ‘Em Wolves (Deathcore)

The entry to the event is FREE. There will be an exclusive announcement of International Headliners for the main event at the launch gig. So grab a drink, order some fries and don’t miss it!! Jan 14th, Wednesday, 7:30 pm onwards.

Watsky with Mikos da Gawd – For some Friday fun, come and listen to San Francisco native George Watsky. He is a super fast rap artist and has performed on the Ellen De Generes show! He has had a million hits on You tube and produced a few albums which topped charts. He has performed live across various venues in the world. Watsky will be performing with DJ Mikos Da Gawd.

Here is a sample of Watsky’s uncanny ability to spit tongue-twisting lyrics at light-speed. You definitely don’t want to miss this one!! Jan 16th, Friday, 8:30 pm onwards. 

Video courtesy – YouTube

The Humming Tree presents Unnayanaa + _RHL – Unnayanaa (a.k.a Prashanth Pallemoni) is a Dj / Producer and Quirky Experimentalist. His unconventional approach to morphing sounds into one another using records along with his keen sense of interpreting sound defines his Djing style and music production. He plays around in different venues in the city.

_RHL a.k.a Rahul Giri is an electronic music producer from Bangalore. One half of the downtempo/electronica act Sulk Station, Rahul has been an active instigator of the Bangalore alternative/electronica scene for almost a decade. Straddling hip-hop, electronica, footwork, drum and bass and anything in between there’s no limit to what a _RHL show can or cannot do. Jan 17th, Saturday, 8:30 pm onwards. 

So take your pick out of the multiple gigs and events at this venue and enjoy an evening out!! Follow our venue page for events at The Humming Tree to stay updated.

Pictures Courtesy – The Humming Tree FB page