Who should attend the Social Media Week, Bangalore?

Are you a blogger? A content head?An amateur social media strategist?  A professional in the Advertising and Marketing world? Have your own Start up? Planning to start something and want to reach out to your audience? Then like EventsHigh, you have to be at Social Media Week, Bangalore or  as it is trending on Twitter! It has the best of Social Media all at one place for the next week. SMW Bangalore is from 23rd to 27th Feb. It has 30+ brands, 80+ sessions, 100+ speakers and a whole lot of knowledge sharing, idea generation and possibilities to offer!

Bloggers – Chances are you started off as a hobby or interest blogger who blogs just because you like a particular theme, have a passion for a thing, place, culture or activity or plain and simple have an opinion you want to share with the world! Most bloggers start off like that. SMW is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to grow your blog and network, publicize and connect.

There are inspirational sessions like Don’t Stop Blogging! My Blogging Journeys hosted by Blogadda where successful bloggers share their blogging stories and get people to start blogging! Tue, Feb 24th 2:45 to 3:30 pm.

Another session is called Business and Blogs! Is the Bridge getting smaller? Also hosted by Blogadda this is an interactive panel session where business heads and bloggers come together to talk about What is a Business blog? Why Business Blog? Effectiveness in business log. How it can boost business? Tue, Feb 24th 5:15 to 6:00 pm.


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#Travel Bloggers Meet is hosted by Lonely Planet in association with Iffort and will revolve around questions like how do travel bloggers make money and whether it’s a lucrative profession to get into. Experienced travel bloggers will talk about How did they become Travel Bloggers, Best/Worst experiences as Travel Bloggers, How do they make revenue, Advice for budding travel bloggers – Is there an opportunity in the industry? and Tips to Blog and Use Social Media. Wed, Feb 25th 4:30 pm to 5:15 pm.

If you are a budding food blogger or thinking of starting one then this session is a must attend – Why you should start a food blog right now! Hosted by BlogAdda this one is a panel discussion dedicated to food lovers to understand importance of food blogging and its growth in India. The audience can learn the nuances of Food Blogging from the stalwarts in India – Archana Doshi, Nandita Iyer and Neha Mathur. Thu, Feb 26th 2:00 to 2:45 pm

Social Media Professionals – If you work in the field of marketing and advertising and need to use social media platforms to enhance your user base then the SMW Bangalore has a lot to offer.

Brand – Audience Engagement: The Social Media Conundrum, hosted by WebEdge Technologies will be a Masterclass. The event is based on a comprehensive study of over 15,000 social media contests hosted by over 2000 brands and businesses in India in the year 2014. The enormous depth of data has been encapsulated into information and insights that can help brand managers and digital marketers devise realistic and implementable strategies to target the right audience, on the right platform with the right content, offerings and inducements to optimise the social media ROI.

Get the scoop on the inside information. Behind the scenes of Digital/Social Media Marketing in the era of mobility: (Uncensored Version) with Aravind Balakrishnan, Hrish Dhempe Thota and G Nivedith. They will discuss and tell you the ground zero reality and the dark secrets of what happens behind the scenes in Digital Marketing/ Social Media marketing in the era of mobility. A must attend session! Wed, Feb 25 5:00 to 6:00 pm

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Main Stream Media vs Social Media is a panel discussion where experts will try and discuss both perspectives and see how to synergise these two amazing sources of information. Mainstream media and Social media could be immensely helpful to the common man if they work in synergy. Thu, Feb 26 1:45 to 2:30 pm

This session hosted by R Square Consulting – Building Business using Social, will be a panel discussion. Using social media for marketing can enable small business looking to further their reach to more customers. Your customers are interacting with brands through social media, therefore, having a strong social media marketing plan and presence on the web is the key to tap into their interest. You will learn How is social marketing?, Why Social Marketing?, Challenges in Social Marketing, Future of Social Marketing and ROI in social marketing. Thu, Feb 26 4:30 to 5:15 pm

Enterpreneurs – Started a new business of your own? Planning to start one? The Social Media Week has lots to offer to you!

Attend this session – Challenges of first time Entrepreneurs and how to overcome them, hosted by Vedantu. It will be an interactive talk by Pulkit, Co-founder at Vedantu who will share insights based on his experience. Must attend for all first time entrepreneurs. Tue, Feb 24 2:00 to 2:45 pm

Merger, Acquisition and Exits: How should an Entrepreneur look at it? Vedantu co-founders Vamsi Krishna and Saurabh Saxena will share their experiences of M&A and Exit, share their serious and funny sides to the story and give a visibility into how things work post a deal and how and when should an entrepreneur look at it. Vedantu is a venture by IITians who are teachers themselves. The founders are a perfect combination of Teachers and Hackers, who have personally taught and mentored more than 10,000 students between them and have created scalable web products reaching million of users. Tue, Feb 24 4:30 to 5:00 pm

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“The Mobile Appertunities” – Steps to build a successful branded mobile application looks like an interesting session by Senthil Anand of KRDS. The session will discuss on how to tap into the competitive marketing world with a successful mobile application. Every brand today wants to build a mobile application for itself hoping that users will immediately download and use them. But this is far from reality. Why do most of the branded mobile apps fail? How have certain brands built successful mobile apps? Do you really need a Mobile App for your brand? What are the steps that you need to follow to build a successful mobile app for your brand. Wed, Feb 25 4:30 to 5:00 pm

Apart from this there are a whole lot of workshops, panel discussions, seminars, presentations spread over 5 days at 6 different venues. Check the full schedule here. Choose what you like or need and be there!!

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