Kavade – A(ttic) Toy Hive!

Circa:  80s & 90s; Time: Sunday or Summer;  Scene: Friends & Cousins – Nimbu Paani – Music on the Tape recorder… Rolling of the dice for Snakes & Ladders or Chaupad, during a sultry afternoon; And as the sun becomes more forgiving, you can’t wait to run out with the Lagori kit or try your spinning-tops!  Nostagic ? Wanna relive that experience and gift the same to your children? EventsHigh is delighted to present the venue which offers all this & more, Kavade – A Toy Hive.

In an age when children (& we!) are surrounded by electronic gadgets, Kavade strives to promote traditional, value enriched learning through games, eco-friendly toys & books. But Wait! Kavade is more than just a toy store- Periodical workshops, conferences , story times and plays are quiet a norm around here.

The ATTIC @ Kavade is a vibrant, exploratory (indoor) space, thoughtfully designed for children to read, create, play, sing, climb; have a great time with themselves & others! While the adults can unwind with board games in the lovely outdoor cafe. For corporates, Kavade organizes gaming sessions and is also open for reunions & birthday parties.

Here’s what Summer@ Kavade has in store for you this April. Check it out!


Clay Art (Pottery): Do your kids like to get messy? Oh, Good! Kavade offers an excellent opportunity to get messy and still create & have fun. And what’s more, you don’t have to clean up! Fridays@ 4pm.

Ancient Games: Games Galore – Themes range from War Games, Street games to even Kings Games! Are you game? Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 4pm.

Film Screening: We all love moving images, and time & again there are some good features to catch. So, Show Time! Mondays& Wednesdays @ 4pm.

Story-telling Sessions & Workshops: Stories open up a world of possibilities & provide great entertainment. There are a few story sessions & workshops which would tell a tale or two.

Theatre-based story workshop by Vikram Sridhar on April 10th , 10.30am – 1.30pm (For Ages 8+) followed by a story session at 3pm.(For All)

Stories, drawing & lots of Masti at Kathe Butti on April 11th, 4-5pm (Ages 3 & up).

OK, Enough kidding around ! What about US?!? You ask. Well,  Interactive story sessions would sure keep you grinning.


The Power of stories, April 10th, 5:30-7pm. (For Adults)

Connecting through stories on April 25th, 5-6:30pm. (For Adults)

Stories step aside, as theater takes center stage. Catch the play Ferdinand, the clown Bull: A clown play on April 12th, 11am. (For All)

Had enough fun watching?  Then its time you take things in your hands! Become a “Woodsmith” with the 6-day WoodWorking Workshop which would include introduction to the basics of carpentry, wood and the use of various tools, observation of a carpenter at work and creation of individual projects. April 13th-18th. (For Ages 8+)

The ATTIC (@Kavade) is buzzing with Absolute Activity this April –  Allow yourself to go Aaha!!!


Images Courtesy: Kavade FB Page.