Once Upon A Time… Story-Tellers & Sessions

I have a story to tell!  It’s about the magicians who make lines (& lions) come alive with action & narration and about those whom they captivate in awed attention & eyes unblinking. Stories, Tales, Sagas…Connect the narrator and listener through an invisible (spinning) yarn transferring them to a world of fictional fantasy!

Storytelling has been kept  alive over the decades, as grandmas and later mammas narrated from heroics to humor at bedtime, which soothed us to comfort and warmth which no Talking Tom could ever provide. With the recent invasion of technology and rise in nuclear families, the bedtime story has reinvented itself as an Art where performing story-tellers weave tales & enthrall the audience.

Stories enhance listening skills, improve vocabulary and inspire imagination and also help you get in touch with your culture & emotions. So, Read on to discover,  What’s in stor(e)y!


Kathalaya  House of Stories and the Academy of Storytelling offers performances, workshops and trainings. Their mission is to establish story telling as an educational and communicative tool to effect a change in society. Checkout their offerings this summer – The Storytelling Marathon in April and the Story Kamp in May.


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Storywallahs other than performing also work with corporates, educators and entertainers, among others to help them discover and use the power of stories in their personal and professional lives. Love in Modern Times promises to be unique or you could listen to a Session in Hindi too.

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Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS) is a body of Storytellers who have come together under a common umbrella for the purpose of learning, nurturing, reviving, training and popularizing Storytelling. Next in line Heads & Tales and Excess Baggage.

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Storipur believe , There is a story in everything, a story in everybody! There is a story waiting to be told… Other than storytelling they strive to promote reading in one and all. And through their ‘Earth in Mind’ initiative, help children to connect, bond with Nature through experiential activities and storytelling sessions in the outdoors. Listen to the myths & stories about the sun, moon & comets!

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And round it off , a sumptuous story session with Once Upon A Brunch.


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Thanks for reading, now its time to start listening! Stories Abound- Do hear them out!


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