Summer Fun : Week of May 1-8 , 2015

Giggles, Squeals & peals of laughter is the best-sounding music to any parent, don’t you agree? And how to get my dear kiddos fine-tuned into making those endearing sounds you ask? Just pick an event from the splendid Summer  List of EventsHigh, to make you kids go Oooh.., Aaah… and Wow! And of course, there would also be 3 Cheers to You!!!


Strokes of Nature – National level Art exhibition 2015 is being conducted in honor of great nature painters. There are spot competition for little artists and an Art exhibition. 1-3 May (Fri-Sun), 10 am onwards, Concorde Napa Valley.


Image Courtesy: The Happy Baker

Bring your super kids along and join Rasa India for a baking workshop. The Happy Baker will teach you to bake cream cheese chocolate brownies and a cheesy veg casserole. 2 May (Sat) – 4:30pm, Indira Nagar.


Image Courtesy: BookMyShow

AeroModo Aero modelling is a one-day workshop designed for children in the age group 5-15, and aims to stimulate original thinking and allows children to explore new avenues of learning and hobbies. Learn to construct flying models & also build a glider. 3 May (Sun) – 10 am, White Field.


Image Courtesy: Bhoomija’s FB Page

Bhoomija’s Jack Fruit brings us the 2nd dose of what astounding child prodigies have in store. At Jagriti Theatre.

Children’s Carnatic Choir ’14 directed by Abhishek Raghuram. 6th May (Wed)- 6:30pm.

An exciting Taala-Vaadya ensemble with Bangalore’s young rhythm geniuses and a tabla prodigy from Aurangabad. 7th May (Thu) – 8:15pm.


Image Courtesy: appleofmyi FB page

appleofmyI presents The Story Way by Kathalaya, Storytelling is a beautiful and magical experience between the Story Teller and the listener. Stories have the power to awaken, transform, move and open new doors… 4 – 8 May (Mon-Thu) – 4pm, Indira Nagar.


Image Courtesy: MagicHive

Toy Story: At this puppetry workshop by MagicHive, children would learn to make puppets and bring them to life by adding stories and performing with them. 4 – 8 May(Mon-Thu) – 10:30am, JP Nagar.

Summer reckons with splendid ideas and many events to choose from this May, so you may sure… Enjoy!

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