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Have you ever gone through a time when you felt like you needed some motivation, some guidance, some real life inspiration? Or have you ever wondered how a business, an idea, an organization has become what it is today? How do people get around to implementing their ideas and turning them into successful, far reaching businesses? How social change is brought about even by small enterprises and home run businesses? Sometimes we all need that bit of gyaan, inspiration and assistance as we move through life and that is precisely why Craft a Path, with the support of EventsHigh, invites you to Heart over matter; a talk series in which guest speakers share their life journey.

The speakers are Bangalore based professionals who have had an unconventional journey guided by a love for their area of work. Their contribution to their area of work has been significant and gives them a good understanding of it. The guest speaker will give an informal talk with the use of visual aids like illustrations and videos. The content covers aspects like the formation of their interest, the happy accidents that often guide journeys, the people and ideas that shape their journey, the moments of clarity and despair, and the changing context of their area of work. This will be followed by a Q&A session with the participants.

The first speaker is Poonam Bir Kasturi, Founder, Daily Dump.

Heart Over Matter

Picture Courtesy – Atta Galatta FB event

Poonam trained as an industrial designer and graduated from NID in 1985. Her experience with teaching and working in both industrial and craft sectors inform her work. She founded Daily Dump in April 2006 with an intention to help individuals reimagine their relationship with waste. So she spends her time figuring out which is the best way to get everyone to compost at home, make friends with maggots and understand that having a clean city starts from how you throw daily.

Today, through Daily Dump (www.dailydump.org), about 24000 individuals collectively put back about 20360 kgs of kitchen waste into land as manure instead of poison. In the process, they also support livelihood of potter clusters.


Often asked what motivated her to begin such a project, Poonam’s short reply is – “Design used well, can help you see whole systems”. So this is her journey – using design to make sense of whole systems.

Craft a Path helps learners pursue areas they are naturally drawn towards. It does so through curated experiences that gives learners a good understanding of the practice area. Experiences are created in partnership with individuals/organizations passionate about the areas. “Heart over matter” is its first initiative.

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