4 top tips to list your event!

Are you an event organizer? You ask, what do we mean by “event”? It could be a music concert, a home bake sale, a book reading, a dance show, a drama, a workshop, a party/dj night, a kids story telling, a community show, a weekend adventure activity, an exhibition, to give a few examples. The list is endless.

Let’s start with an infographic you can use as a handy guide while you create an event listing.

Top tips to list your event


We list events across a huge range of categories at EventsHigh. We also make it easy for people to browse for things and interests that they like out of this big marketplace of events. Till date we have listed more than 500,000 events. Based on our experience, if you are an event host/organizer, half your job is done well if your event listing captures the details well.

Here are the top 4 tips to list your event the right way –

1. Get your basics right: Get these 3 basics right. These are the easiest and the most rewarding.

Event Title – Use a title that is clear, catchy and concise. The name should make people want to know more. Also think what will users search for while looking for this event.

Description – Do give a description listing what the event is about, what should people expect out of the event, any special things to be brought, if it is a workshop. Do’s, Dont’s, age restrictions, time or seating specifications, takeaways from the session are a few other examples.

Picture – Images catch the attention of the users and you MUST add an image. Remember to use original or licensed images.

2. Organizer Details: Always! Always! give people a way to reach out to you. Be it an email id, phone number, website or even better, all of these ways. People have questions; yes inspite of you giving all the necessary details in the event description. Trust us, users will get back to you with questions, queries, suggestions, thoughts and more. Give a contact detail where someone can respond as soon as possible. A landline number that goes on ringing and is not attended during the day is of no use. Think accessibility!

3. Performer or Participant details: If your event has a performer as part of a dance, drama, story telling, music concert etc, do list their names. Or if there are speakers in a workshop or talk session, mention that. People who know the performers/speakers might like to come, people who have heard about the performer/speaker might like to come, sometimes people decide to go to an event solely based on who is performing. Use that in your favour. We will highlight the performers when we list the event. Users can “Follow” these artists or performers via our app and stay tuned for future events for those performers. How cool is that?

4. Price/Fee/Tickets: This is one of the most important bits. If your event is FREE, then do mention that, we will highlight it again. In fact we have a separate category to search for FREE events in Bangalore. If your event is ticketed then mention the price. If there are different price ranges – based on seating, standing, any other classification, do mention that clearly. People don’t like to be taken by surprise, especially when it comes to money. So keep it honest, transparent and upright. Mention any taxes, discounts (yeah those are always welcome), any special offers, cover charges which include food or beverage.

Hurry up and send your event listing to us at listings@eventshigh.com. We will add it for you and let you know once done. More details here on Add Event.

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