The high of interning at EventsHigh

“My goodbye means that I leave a part of me with you and take back a part of your awesomeness with me”

As I sit in my hostel at the college campus reflecting on my internship that I did at EventsHigh, I can’t help but smile. Last two and a half months have been a roller-coaster ride of amazing learning and great fun. When I started my journey at the EventsHigh office in Bangalore, I couldn’t have imagined that I would end up falling in love with such an amazing team.
Internships which are an integral part of the B-School curriculum, are supposed to provide firsthand experience of the course learnings after the first year. And I chose to intern at EventsHigh because I knew it would allow me to put learnings to test on real business scenarios. In the first week, when most of my friends would have been busy waiting to be allocated to a fine project, I was already on the field implementing my ideas. My task was to devise ways to increase user traction on the website and mobile application. I will skip details of the response because the idea failed miserably. But this experience taught me one very important thing, McCarthy’s 4Ps are just not enough for an idea to succeed in the real world and a marketer need to check multiple factors to make an idea a success.

At EventsHigh one doesn’t have to be afraid of committing mistakes because you are not scowled upon. Nonetheless you are encouraged by the team to try again with more experience, this was the thing that kept me going and ensured that I add value to the company while enhancing my skills. In addition to working on live business scenario freedom to work on the project of my choice helped me execute a full-fledged market research project on “Behavior of event visitors and need gap analysis on demands of event organizers”

These two and a half months have brought out a series of firsts in my life. Things that I have never tried have become possible because I have overcome my hindrances, a perfect example being, writing this blog itself. Any person with such an experienced team to back him up would not be afraid to try out new things.

EventsHigh team is very serious about ensuring that there is “fun on and off work”. Having lunch together, healthy bantering over a cup of coffee and attending weekend event with the team are a norm here!

EventsHigh has rejuvenated my love for learning and given me much more than what I expected from my internship. I really wish that I could relive the journey that it was!