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blueFROG is jumping high on the Bengaluru nightlife scene. Conceived of by music lovers, the revolutionary integrated music project in Mumbai and Pune makes its way to Bengaluru. Musicians from India and around the world perform six nights a week at the clubs, which are known for their acoustic excellence. The lip-smacking menu is Modern European with Asian influences that take the palate by surprise and leave you wanting more!

If you want to combine a fine dining experience with amazing music in an otherworldly setting, just book a pod at blueFROG and embark on a taste-tingling, visual and aural journey! It’s a 360-degree sensory romp! blueFROG is located on Church Street in the heart of the central shopping and dining district. EventsHigh brings you the upcoming Gigs at blueFROG. Go on, Jump along!


Solder Often described as a unit of four drifters glued together by music, Solder was born with the intent of writing feel good songs, and belting them out “Live and Loud”. Now with all the varied influences bouncing off each other, Solder slowly created a sound space underlined by groove and layered with vocal melodies and harmonies, accompanied by screaming guitar licks and reverb laden drum sounds. Thu, 20th Aug 2015, 09:00PM – 11:00PM.


The F16’s Live play alternative dance music borne out of frustration with a barren and flaccid cityscape. The band has 2 EPs out, one named ‘Kaleidoscope’ Consisting of seven songs, which acts as an effective acid test, laying the groundwork for an arresting live set and the other EP titled ‘Nobody’s Gonna Wait’ recorded at the Converse Rubber tracks Studio in Brooklyn, NYC. Fri, 21 Aug 2015 8:00 PM.

Ayesha Live, Supporting Act: AXO The Electrifying DJ Known for her tremendous stage presence,with an intriguing energizing personality, the crowd soon falls in love with her. Her Music Ranges from Soulful Electronic Beats Deep Minimal Tech House. Sat, 22 Aug 2015 8:00 PM.

Chandbibi and the Waste Candidates Rich vocal layers over Latin, RnB, funk and konnakol inspired grooves interspersed with jazz harmony and a healthy dose of the ‘strange and beautiful’. Beneath the polished lacquer of its smooth jazz surface, Chandbibi’s throaty vocals bring an element of grit to her waste candidates. Throw in a pinch of relevance with Latin and konnakol inspired grooves and jazz harmony and this sticky foursome have all the ingredients to feather your feet. Sun, 23 Aug 2015 9:00 PM.


The Burning Deck is the solo project of Bangalore based bassist and electronic artist Sandeep Madhavan. With influences that span everything from 70s prog-rock and jazz fusion to the Bristol sound of the 90s, while assimilating elements of hip hop, dubstep and drum n bass, the sound is always going to be out-of-the-box. 27th Aug 2015 09:00PM – 11:30PM

Nicholson Live Nicholson is a composer, singer-songwriter and keyboardist based out of Mumbai. His original compositions are a blend of electronic and organic sounds and are a direct reflection of his outlook on life and love. His Ensemble is straying away from the traditional ‘band setup’. Being heavily influenced by Jazz, Folk, Pop and Electronic music, he aims to blend these genres to create a live show that stylistically evolves. 28th Aug 2015
08:30PM – 01:00AM.

SARTEK. Early set by Axo One of the most talented dance music producer’s in India and the only Indian to have graced the Beatport Top 100 (Electro House) charts, twice; Sartek is a force to reckon with. Sat, 29 Aug 2015 9:00 PM


Moon Arra Live meaning ‘three streams, is a 4 member world jazz fusion group from Bangalore, India performing Indian Classical, Jazz and World music. The leitmotif of their lives is their quest and fascination for beautiful sounds that emanate world over, how sounds travelled from Northern India in the 13th century, journeyed through Persia, Morocco even up to Andalucian Spain and the rest of the World. Sun, 30 Aug 2015 8:00 PM.

All Images Courtesy: blueFROG FB Events Page


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