10 Quirky Cafes in Bangalore

A lot can happen over coffee or tea or smoothie! The best way to catch up with friends, relax with a book, sit thoughtful or laze around an afternoon is with a cup of joe or chai of choice at a cafe.

Bangalore (like Seattle) is a haven for cafe-oholics (think Starbucks) with the weather perfect for a cup of brew or a quick bite any time of day. There are cafes from quirky to cosy which offer, besides tasty treats, art, games or even a spiritual experience.

EventsHigh‘s own café- crusader brings you the best of the brew around town– Stir, sip, sigh, repeat!

Art Blend Cafe
This place is perfect retreat for art lovers. Vibrant & tasteful decor combined with books, board games and a crafts corner. Runs regular art & craft workshops for children & adults. #artblendcafe
Enjoy: Chicken alabrese, sun dried tomato chicken.
At: HSR Layout

Image Courtesy: Art Blend Cafe FB Page

DYU Art Cafe
Ambiance is reminiscent to a traditional home in Kerala, this cafe is bright & airy. They have spectacular art displayed in contrast with their stark white walls and host performances too. No frills, decently priced and healthy art-food combo. #dyuartcafe
Enjoy: Masala Chai, French Toast, Bonofeyye pie and Sandwiches
At: Koramangala

Image Courtesy: DYU Art Cafe FB Page

Coffee on Canvas
Relax on bean bags or play board games. You can doodle away during your waiting time and pin it on their dedicated wall. Checkout the coffee on canvas artwork displayed under the table glass tops. #coffeeoncanvas
Enjoy: Fries, Waffles, Iced teas
At: Koramangala


Image Courtesy: Coffee on Canvas FB Page

The Ants Cafe:
The Ants Cafe hosts food festivals featuring great food from the northeast and good times from all over. You can also shop for some of the most unique collectibles at the Antstore. #ants_cafe
Enjoy: Frittata, hazelnut cappuccino, English Breakfast
At: Indira Nagar

Image Courtesy: The Ants Cafe

Bistro Claytopia:
You could paint plates, mugs & magnets at this art studio cum bistro. Art shapes Claytopia’s character and its a lovely sight to see people engrossed in creating their masterpiece. #BistroClaytopia
Enjoy: Burgers, Iced Caramello
At: Koramangala / Indira Nagar

Image Courtesy: Bistro Claytopia FB Page

Calm and serene ambiance befitting healthy (organic) food. The food is cooked based on ayurvedic principles. A book store amidst the cafe allows you to take one and replace with another.
Enjoy: Ayurvedic teas and harmonious juices
At: Indiranagar

Image Courtesy: Yogi-sthaan FB Page

Om Made Cafe:
Relaxed rooftop ambiance, antique furniture and French menu add class to the alfresco dining experience. Catch the sunset from the roof top! #OmMadeCafe
Enjoy: Croque Monsieur, smoothies, flat bread
At: Koramangala

Image Courtesy: Om Made Cafe FB Page

Hole in the Wall:

The walls have post-it notes and paintings by local artists. Round the clock breakfast  – Enough Said!
Enjoy: Burgers, milkshakes , hash browns.
At: Koramangala

Image Courtesy: Hole in the Wall FB Page

Dice n Dine:

Dice n Dine serves up not only the most delectable dishes but also the coolest board games around. So, every moment here will keep your mind and your taste buds satisfied. #DiceNDine
Enjoy: Bruschetta , smoothies & shakes
At: Koramangala

Image Courtesy: Dice n Dine FB Page

You can’t buy Love, but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close! So, Espresso yourself – Better Latte than never!