Adventures & More: One Day trips around Bangalore

When a cell phone demands recharge it’s only fair that you need recharge thyself too! Vegging on the couch or mall trips are so yesterday …That’s why we urge you to take a day-cation right away!

A day’s trip is the shortest route to refresh, re-energize and ready you to face the world again. The Fab 5 reasons on why day-cations are Fantastic : Easy on the pocket, Minimal planning, Reduces stress, Improves well-being and Enhances quality of life.

EventsHigh is happy to bring you some tried and tested one day trips around Bangalore. Go On and Go Somewhere!


Nandi Hills & Devanahalli Fort
About an hour’s drive from Bangalore this is a favourite one day getaway for cyclists, trekkers, picnickers and photographers. Tipu Sultan made this his summer haven, rightfully so. This ancient hill fortress scattered with monuments and temples is a welcome change from the bustling city life.

En route to Nandi Hills on NH7, the Devanhalli Fort is famed as the birth place of Tipu. It showcases marvellous architecture and grandeur.

Nandi Hills- Image Courtesy: Yaatrika


Located between Kanakapura and Mysore , the drive via Malavalli towards Shivanasamudram is lush & scenic. The Cauvery river breaks into 2 waterfalls Gaganachukku & Barachukki. Take in the eye-widening views at Gaganacghukki and brave a bath or coracle ride at Barachukki. This is the very place where the Asia’s first hydro-electric power station was set up. Best to visit during the monsoons.



Turn cave explorers at this hill range scattered with huge volcanic rocks and boulders. A trekkers paradise it’s dotted with many natural cave formations which allows caving day & night but with a good guide. Camping and rappelling are some of the other adventurous options.


Manchanabele & Dodda Aalada Mara
Manchanabele Dam built over Arakavati river, was designed by Sir M. Vishweshwarya. The backwaters of the dam form a lake surrounded by hills all around. If you are an ardent birdwater, your heart would sing here. Enjoy rappelling and watersports such as kayak, canoe, swimming and fishing. And stay for the sunset if possible.

Just over 10kms from the Dam, the Dodda Aalada Mara (Big Banyan Tree) has appeared in many movies. Covering over 4 acres this 400+ years old tree is a natural wonder. Just keep an eye out for the monkeys!

Doddda Aalada Mara


Bannerghatta National Park
Spread over a 100 sq km the park housing a diverse kind of animals and birds, the park is a delight for nature/animal enthusiasts. Lion & Tiger safaris are best done through Jeeps and visiting the Butterfly Dome is a must. Other attractions are the Zoo, Museum and Wildlife Film shows. A very good picnic spot for young nature lovers.

Bannerghatta National Park


Wine tours
Did you know Bangalore’s weather and fertile soil helps in growing grapes for wines. Something tasteful for the wine aficionados, many wineries have cropped up around Bangalore among which Heritage & Grover are the best known. The tours help you learn the art of wine making from fermenting to bottling, differentiate wines and also develop an appreciation for good wine.


Nrityagram & Our Native Village
The dance village was started as a traditional Gurukul to teach Indian classical dance. The school offers training in many Indian classical dance forms. Visit Nrityagram during the Vasanthahabba festival held to celebrate the arrival of spring and you shall witness artists from all over the world perform at the Nrityagram amphitheatre. Self guided tours are allowed while guided tours need prior booking.
Our Native Village promises to takes you back to your childhood recreating a farm. Tread a winding path along a farmland, relish a jump into a natural pond or go wild playing traditional Indian games like gilli-danda, lagori, spinning tops and flying kites. The resort maintains a 100% eco-friendly approach and blends nature’s beauty & human simplicity.

Nrityagram Dance Village


Wonder La
is an amusement park situated on Bangalore – Mysore Express way. It is India’s biggest amusement and water park and is great fun for kids & adults alike. The park offers over 50 kinds of rides – water sports and open rides. Attractions include musical fountain and laser show, virtual reality show, high thrill rides, kids’ rides, heated wave pools, and numerous water rides. Get there early and make the most of your day or stay at the fine Wonder La Resort.

Wonder La


Adventures are the best way to Learn. Start tripping already – As there’s more daycation ideas coming right up in the One Day Trips: Part 2!


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