Play Together & Stay Together

In our modern society, values and togetherness are drastically diminishing. Very often we see that people don’t have a real conversation. We may be sitting together but are lost in our own digital worlds. In current times, games means online! Its hard to remember the last time we played Games real time!

Do you know that many popular modern day games originated from traditional games, designed by default to instill collaboration yet competitive spirit which will prepare us to face real life challenges?




A simple game like Snakes and Ladders played with people using traditional dice / Gowri shells, teaches life time lessons and prepares us to the face ups and downs in life. Have you noticed that for every ladder there is a snake and for every snake there is a ladder?!? The expression”Back to Square One”  is derived from this game and obviously teaches that back to square one is not at all bad, but a new beginning, as long as you get up and run. It also develops number skills, memory and a never-give-up attitude. When we roll traditional dice using both palms, it actually activates nerve cells ending in the palm. All these benefits while you simply enjoy the game and bond.




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Likewise every game is designed wisely by our ancestors and comes loaded with numerous goodies apart from pure fun. Palaankuzhi / China manne / Kala should be played by resource managers / project managers in corporate; As it demonstrates that both you and your competitor actually have equal opportunities and options. You will emerge as a winner, if you use all your options and resources wisely.




Games like Pachi / Pagade / Ludo which is from Mahabharath times, teaches us how to reach our goals safely and emerge as a winner in-spite of cut through competitions / risks along the way. Skills such as Strategy planning, collaboration, choosing your options wisely, winning against odds are all developed by playing these games.





There are so many original and simple versions of games like Chess, Chaturanga, Draft and Chinese checkers; which  teach us to race ahead in life finding our own path to survive and win. They also teach us focus, face dangers and use all the opportunities available.



There are another set of games like Navkankari, Goat and Tiger (the original versions of today’s 9 Man Morris), Fox and Geese which are all about planning, strategy, awareness of the environment, teaming, developing skills and survival.




Our Traditional games by default are designed to form characters in our children and even elders.

  • They nurture healthy competition, patience to wait for one’s turn, ability to think on your feet, mutual respect, tolerance and prepares one to face real world problems (unlike the digital world).
  • They aid to develop an attitude to never give up and complete a game, team spirit, dignity in accepting defeat and showing modesty in victory.
  • They help to bond between generations and cut across all age groups. By playing them we automatically develop logic, strategy, focus, team spirit, resource management, patience, sharing, caring etc.


Traditional games are all played using simple things found around us and definitely open our eyes to appreciate small things in life. Marbles, 5 stones, Sat Patr / Lahori, cup and ball, Guri, Sishya, skipping and Kolattam / Dandiya,  all use simple things, but help improve your hand & eye coordination, flexibility, adaptability and also keep your body fit & mind sharp.

If you would like a peek into these games, Come to Halli Habba and explore the world of traditional games hosted by Ima reCreations and re-learn to play and appreciate them. These games are modernized using attractive game boards and rules are broken down to levels & variants. Play all of them, earn points and the winner gets to take home a gift. We also have many one minute to win games. Play all of them and collect points. The person with the highest points in every session will be awarded attractive prizes.

See you at Halli Habba soon!


About Ima reCreation

ImareCreationWe are a Social Enterprise passionate about researching and reviving traditional games as a treasure to be passed on to generations, the same way food, festivals, art, and culture are passed on.

We would like to take these games as character building tools to children, strategy and game plan tools to corporates and tools to bond across generation in events and functions, all while having only pure fun and making memories. Right now we have around 40+ traditional games collected across the globe and 400+ classic games including word, memory, and card games. Our goal is to promote non-violent, real time(!) Games.

We have conducted a summer camp for children using traditional games which was well-appreciated by Kids , Parents and Grand Parents. We are also conducting team building activities and strategy sessions using these games to corporates and schools. Game boards are also available for gifting. We are proud to be associated with Halli Habba and EventsHigh in promoting our passion.

For more details visit us at,  Email:, Phone: 9986531100.


About Halli Habba

halliHabbaHallia Habba is a Village Festival organized by Vidyaranya an NGO working for the cause of     Children, Women and differently-abled people. Halli Habba is on Oct 3rd and 4th , 2015 (Sat-Sun) at Freedom Park. Visit and experience rural life complete with Fields, farm animals, Bullock carts, Horses, Village Well and of course Rural Food and Games.

Vidyaranya is an NGO established in 1991 as a society it operates in Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural, Ramanagar, Hassan and Chickaballapur of Karnataka. For more details click


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