EventsHigh app crosses 50,000 downloads!!

EventsHigh crossed 50,000 app downloads last week and we haven’t stopped smiling since then. We have come a long way since we started this journey. It has been a beautiful ride and we have made great relationships, met inspiring people, learnt a lot and discovered so much happening around us.


We are excited to share, that in addition to the 50,000 app downloads, we now get 500,000 page views on our website every month! We are growing bigger and better and all of this wouldn’t have been possible without you. Thank You!

Our core mission is to delight our users.We have grown organically by word of mouth. Here is what some of our happy users have to say –

User Fb1


Canva User Fb2 2

It was also great to hear from our organizers –

“It has been a pleasure working with you so far. I am glad that we had bookings on our recent event through EventsHigh. The users were expats was looking for ‘Events in Bangalore’ and EventsHigh was the 2nd one to come up in the search. They found it very easy and comfortable to browse through the well defined categories and found us in the ‘Outdoors’ which was adequate to what we do. Their booking experience was smooth and they had all the information that they needed to instantly make the booking.”

It is a good time to reflect where we have come from and where we are headed. Here is what it means to us:

Arvind Batra – Milestones ought to be celebrated but for me the real joy is in the moments. I had attended an event where people sitting next to me had discovered the event through EventsHigh. They showed me our weekly email that we had sent to prove their point. Once an organizer called to say thank you because her event sponsor reached out to her because of EventsHigh. The feeling that you have made a meaningful difference to others’s lives is a great one. This is what makes us sleep sound in the night and what drives us to get up every morning!

Parag Sarda – As a father, I felt that kids grow slowly. I was too focused on day to day needs and did not realise how quickly my son was growing. He is now 8 and talks about things that I have not even heard of. EventsHigh was Deja Vu, I was too busy with firefighting and did not realize how quickly it has grown. Only when you hit a milestone like 50,000 app users, you realise the power of internet. After some time you start appraising not only growth but the acceleration of growth itself. It was not long ago when I had to repeat the name of the company in introduction. Now, after introduction, very often we are greeted back — Hey I use EventsHigh! 

Nikesh Garera – The journey so far has been amazing. Our core belief is that events & activities enrich people’s lives and it’s great to see so many people stepping out and doing things. Thanks a ton to all our users for helping us reach this milestone and providing their feedbacks towards building EventsHigh. These feedbacks on how we can provide value is our primary driver that has kept us going – there is still a lot of work ahead and the journey is just getting started!

Best is yet to come

Share the joy! Experience events with your friends. Tell them about EventsHigh. Life is too short to be bored!