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Are you new to Bangalore and are in the lookout for good street food or a weekend road trip ? Or you are a Bangalorean wanting to hear a personal experience / review about a particular restaurant or a newly opened spa ? Or being the family guy cum culturist or the tech geek cum fitness freak you wouldn’t wanna miss a flea market, music concert or tech workshop, marathon?

Blogs about Bangalore is where you’ll get your fill & more and Bloggers are the demi-gods answering thy prayers. News, Views and Reviews are what Blogs offer on every topic under the Bangalore Sun. They have more followers than newspaper readers and rightly so.

EventsHigh is happy to blog on the Best of Bangalore’s Bloggers who are self-appointed crusaders in promoting the various sounds, sights & shades of the city. Blog Roll Please!

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WhatsHapp Bangalore Whatshapp Bangalore began as like-minded people who love the city, its culture and the events joined together and decided to do something for the Cultural loving people. A genuine attempt to share and record the activities that occur in Bangalore and to connect Bangaloreans to all those cultural lovers across the globe. Posts on Cultural activities, Events, Exhibition’s, Lifestyle, Art, Music Concerts, Dance, Theatre, Fairs, Workshops, Festivals and the list could go on.


Twitter: @whatshappblr

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Priya-Sakhi : Yours Friendly from Bangalore A crisp & colorful repository of all family friendly events in Bangalore ranging from Walkathons to Workshops, Flea Markets to Festivals and Concerts to Comedy shows. Started in San Diego and then moved to Bangalore about 5 years ago, Priya Sakhi could be tapped for events in Chennai & Mysore too during school breaks.


Bangalore according to me By Franck Barthelemy is an Art consultant based in France & India and works with art collectors & sourcing art work. Which is reflected in his  hearty art savvy blog that curates events from film screenings,  theatre shows, art exhibits and Gallery events . Do Alliance Francaise, NGMA, InCITE and NUMA rank high on your list of frequent venues? Then this is definitely the blog for you.


WhatsupBangalore: The official lifestyle guide which helps you to be in the know with what’s up in Bangalore. Entertaining, partying, shopping, relaxing and celebrating.


Twitter: @whatsupguides


Brain Drain: Upcoming Concerts in Bangalore The purest and well-tuned source for Classical Music concerts, festivals, competitions and workshops in Bangalore. KP Jayan is an avid Rasika and is well-connected with many  concert venues, associations and culturists; provides the best dose of music info which the classic Bangalorian craves. Did you miss a concert? Jayan reviews them religiously in another section of the blog , where his love for music & immense knowledge shine.



Talking Street Curates the best of street food joints and lists them for all the street foodies to discover and experience. Watching the vendor prepare your order right in front of your eyes, enjoying piping hot, delectable food while standing on the road, watching people and traffic passing-by – there’s a charm to street food that is difficult to compare. Small carts on the road, tiny hole-in-the-wall joints serving food that people queue up for – these are the outlets that Talking Street curates for its users. Live in Bangalore for now, it lists the most popular outlets that are known for great-tasting food and good hygiene practices.



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FoodieStore: Nam ooru Foodie ooru is a Google Ranked Bangalore’s number one food blog containing reviews of restaurants and pubs with its full information. Foodie Stores also consists of Bengaluru food guide,suggestions, recipes and everything else you want to know about food.


Twitter: @Brewchew_india

FaceBook: FoodieStores

Vegan Bangalore  You would be happy to embrace Veganism reading this blog on the reasons, benefits, yummy Vegan recipes and yummier Vegan food outlets. And what’s more it dishes out every Vegan option in various other cities too.


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Road trips – Bangalore. There are the riders, who ride (probably only ride);There are the trekkers, who trek (& maybe ride too);Then there are the drifters, vagabonds etc., who explore..;And then.. here we are; We are.. the ‘L..p..s’ !! Rides &Treks to Dams & Waterfalls , Near & Far, they do it all!



Bumsonthesaddle Cycling is fun on wheels! Experience Bangalore through cycling , be it riding to work or roaming the country side– tips, tricks and to-dos. Bicycle diaries at their best from the experts and their guests.


Twitter: @bumsonthesaddle

FaceBook: BumOnTheSaddle

Musings of a maverick Bangalore runner Life is busy, keeps us on our toes and most of the time makes us run towards things, deadlines and destinations. But here’s a a committed runner for life, with a track history of over 20 years, passionate about evangelising running . This Marathon Maverick shares his running experiences, performance ratings an even injuries. Read his recent post on Kaveri Trail Marathon here.



One stop for all Bangalore Tech Events The name says it all.  Here’s a Tech Guru who could easily be a spiritual Guru. Get geeky exploring  App Circus, Cloud computing and Microsoft BI and go easy exploring with Yoga, ISKCON and Oota from your Thota.



The Bangalore Snob started in 2012 to chronicle the blogger Ankita’s personal experiences in a new city. The blog has evolved over the last 3 years to become a fashion and lifestyle blog. The blog serves as catalogue to anyone who is looking for outfit inspiration.


Twitter: @thebloresnob

FaceBook: The Bangalore Snob

And To Round it off…

Angela’s Bangalore Launched in 2011, Angela’s Bangalore showcases the best in 5 star, luxury travel and living in Bangalore, Coorg, Mysore … and all around India. It is also home to founder Angela Carson‘s India expat blog, chronicling the life of a single, white American female living, working and playing in Bangalore.



FaceBook: AngelasBangalore