7 Healthy Street Foods In Bangalore If You Are On A Diet

Healthy and Yummy

Street food has always been inviting, welcoming and we can’t resist when we walk by those street stalls whose aroma just pulls you in. When you’re on a diet, this can be particularly hard and it’s almost impossible to will yourself to tear away from that drool-inducing fragrance. 

But here are a few street food options that are low in calorie and will be a welcome treat even when you’re on a diet. 

Boiled Peanuts

These peanuts are often seen in moving cats piled high up. They are a protein-rich snack and you would do well to give in to your hunger pang. 

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Boiled or Roasted Corn 

Whether boiled or roasted on coal, corn is a fibre-rich snack that you can munch on anytime of the day.

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Steamed Momos 

Found on most of the street food areas in Bangalore, steamed momos are a good option for your evening snack. Yes, their outer cover is made of flour, but the stuffing is chicken and vegetables, so it’s great! 

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Milkshakes and Fresh Fruit Juices 

Perfect way to complete your evening run or jog. With the abundance of Juice stalls in the city, you can have a ready glass of cold freshly pressed juice. If you’re extremely conscious of the amount of sugar you ingest, ask the vendor to make it without sugar! 

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Baked Nipattus 

This is the healthier version of the delicious and heavy deep-fried nipattu. Ask the vendor to give you the baked version and you won’t have to feel guilty about your choice. 

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Masala or Potato Buns 

Potato buns or aloo buns are a favourite at HF. It’s a unique Bangalore dish that sees a bun stuffed with potato curry. Masala bun is your other option which is a bread batter mixed with onions, coriander leaves, green chillies and spices and baked. 

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These are boiled chickpeas mixed with raw onions, grated coconut and spices. An excellent protein-rich option that you are allowed to indulge in on your diet. 

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