Holy Cow Hospitality Partners With Slurp Studio To Celebrate Children’s Day With SOS Village

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The conscience of giving back to their community has paved the way for strong CSR activations and progammes to find a place in every Corporate’s realm of existence. Following the lead that big MNC’s have shown, younger counterparts have put their efforts and creativity to the task and taken up initiatives to make a small yet impactful imprint on their community.

Holy Cow Hospitality Pvt Ltd took up one such activation when they tied up with Slurp Studio and International organization for orphaned/under supported children; SOS Village to give 25 kids the best Children’s day experience they could provide. On the significance of the event, SOS spokesperson stated ,”As an organisation, SOS children’s villages of India believes in equipping our children with formal education and life skills. The cooking session organized by Holy Cow Hospitality and Slurp Studio ensured that our children had fun and also learnt some interesting recipes at the same time. Thanks for this opportunity!”


The workshop entailed a simple concept of demonstration followed by replication which resulted in the young chefs cooking a scrumptious menu with the help of 5 mentors from Slurp Studio and Holy Cow Hospitality. Slurp Studio chefs, Chef Sarabjeet and Chef Fuseeulla are known to conduct such workshops for children with a cookout theme which makes a true “masterchef” experience coming to life for the participants. On this collaboration especially meant for the children at SOS, they stated; “Everything we do at Slurp Studio is crafted to bring out your passion and love for food and getting kids started early and seeing the joy it brings to them is its own reward.”


The event witnessed loads of enthusiasm as the children showcased excellent cooking skills. The celebration was a mix of laughter, running, and excitement. Talking about the importance of hosting an event for the children, Co-Directors Sundeep and Thashvin shared “It is imperative that in our own small way we should move away from our busy hectic schedules and work to make a difference is another’s life. It could be as small as this event, that brought joy to a group of children who put together a skill set they may want to nurture someday! Small joys of baking your own cupcake or cooking your own pizza!”

The fun filled day ended around a picnic table where the day’s menu was brought together and shared by the kids and their foster care representatives. The little guests also went home with gooey brownies for their friends to take back the day’s memories, and share a little piece of the joy with them.


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