Hog On Street Food In Bangalore Without All The Walking


Street food has always been a staple in the arsenal of a self-proclaimed foodie. It is cheap, delicious and each bite goes down as smoothly as the previous one. The idea of walking along the streets of any city and picking up different types of chaat items, kebabs and rolls sounds like an eaters paradise. But what would you say if we could do away with all the pesky walking and just focus on the eating?

The Street Food Festival happening at the Spice It restaurant will give you that tantalising option of eating the most delectable street food the city has to offer without having to jump from one stall to the other. From selections of different kinds of chaats, and kebabs and rolls, you can quench your heart’s desires to gorge on a humongous variety of street food.


The buffet will have a display of all your favourite street food items, from Pav Bhaji and Pani Puri to assorted varieties of noodles and manchurian to satisfy both the veg and non-veg lovers. Of course, no street food festival will be complete without delicious deserts from the north and south. The buffet will be served for both lunch and dinner, so you can make two trips to hog on the delicious food.     


The Street Food Festival will be taking place at the Spice It restaurant in Hotel Ibis until the 28th of November. The lunch or dinner buffet is priced at Rs. 649. Let us know about the mouth watering street food that you tried at the festival.  

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