20 Preparations Of Steaks In Bangalore To Turn A Little Meaty

Looks juicy, doesn't it?

We are always in the mood for a juicy and well prepared piece of meat. It is even better if its a nice piece of beef steak. There is nothing more satisfying to the senses than a succulent cut of beef cooked to perfection with different sauces and herbs. 

Here are a 20 restaurants in Bangalore where you can have the pleasure of biting into a well cooked steak. 

1. Japanese Surf n Turf at Church Street Social 

You might be thinking, hey, Surf n Turf is a traditional Californian specialty. How did Japan come into the picture here? They did when the beef was marinated in a teriyaki sauce. Church Street Social’s unique combination of Japanese and American cuisine is a kicker to the palate.


2. The Peppery Yakuza at Café Thulp 

We are utterly fascinated by this dish at Café Thulp. The juiciest steak (if you order it medium rare) this city has to offer comes in different variations but try the steak with smoked chili and mango salsa. The combination of tangy mango salsa with the spiciness of the smoked chili satisfies all the right senses.


3. California Chicken Steak at Truffles

We are going against the essence of what a real steak should contain (beef) but Truffles’ California Chicken Steak is so good, we will let it slide. A tangy breast and leg piece marinated in a combination of Worcestershire sauce and herbs, it is the best chicken steak we’ve had in Bangalore.


4. Philly Cheese Steak at The Only Place

A traditional sandwich dish from Philadelphia, The Only Place has almost captured the authenticity of the original. A juicy shredded beefsteak topped with cheese and served inside a baguette roll. One bite and you are transferred to a corner deli store in Philadelphia serving authentic Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.


5. Toit Special Steak at TOIT

Toit’s variation of the beef steak is with a creamy spinach sauce. The combination was a little weird when we took our first bite but after around the 4-minute mark, our plate was empty. Yes, once the first bite goes down smooth, it doesn’t stop, similar to the beers at TOIT.  


6. Grilled Tenderloin Steak at Hard Rock Café 

Yes, Hard Rock Café is a chain restaurant and sometimes food in these places do not have the inherent authenticity of local restaurants but this dish is an exception. It is a perfectly cooked piece of red meat served along with your usual fixins., mashed potatoes and vegetables.


7. Southern Greenhouse Steak at Millers Forty Six

If you are a meat lover, you have to visit Millers Forty Six. They have over 15 different varieties of steaks, both beef and chicken. What caught our eye and our tongue is the Southern Greenhouse Steak. The marinade rub consists of ginger, garlic, mint and spinach and has the right amount of knock to your senses.


8. Salisbury Steak at Plan B

Plan B has always been known for their wings. Did you know they also serve some kick-ass steaks? The Salisbury steak here is a perfectly shaped minced beef patty marinated in a rich mushroom sauce. Its traditional but it has that special Plan B twist to it.



9. Brandied Cube Steak at Boondock Bistro

The clue is in the name. A one of a kind dish consisting of cubed steak marinated in brandy. There is nothing left to be said other than to ask you to visit the place and let it fill your heart, because it does tickle that certain part of your heart that wants a brandied steak.

Boondock Bistro

10. Bootlegger Steak at Bootlegger

We’ve taken care of brandy. How about some rum? The Bootlegger steak is just your normal steak but what sets it apart is the fact that it comes with an Old Monk sauce. You might say, why old monk? Because it has the flavor of nostalgia and of course the spiciness and the rustic flavor of rum. That’s why.


11. Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon Steak at The Boozy Griffin

You may ask why we haven’t’ included a bacon wrapped steak so far since it is one of the traditional varieties of steak preparations. We were saving the best for the middle (we have a lot more) and the bacon wrapped steak at Boozy Griffin takes the mantle for the best bacon and steak combination in Bangalore. Crispy bacon wrapped around a gorgeous piece of filet mignon. It is what dreams are made of.

Boozy Griffin

12. Pepper Crusted Beef at The Fat Chef

The Pepper crusted beefsteak at Fat Chef is very traditional just based on the name. But the uniqueness comes when the steak is marinated in crunchy peppercorns making it for a cracking good time.


13. Rib Eye Steak Sizzler at Kobe Sizzlers

A list of best steak preparations definitely requires a sizzler and Kobe Sizzlers prepares the best of the bunch. The rib eye steak here comes with a choice of any sauce (garlic, pepper or Szechwan) and is the best sizzler beef steak we’ve had in Bangalore.


14. Tampiquena Beef Steak at Habanero

A tex-mex twist to a steak? Sounds interesting and tastes delicious. The difficult to pronounce Tampiquena Beef Steak at Habanero is stuffed with a Serrano chili, giving it a unique Mexican flavor.


15. Minute Beef Steak at Café Noir

Minute Beef Steak at Café Noir is all about the béarnaise sauce. It also comes with peppercorn or red wine, but trust us, go for the béarnaise sauce. The creamy sauce is topped over a well-cooked beefsteak making it something you would probably have in a café in Europe.

Cafe Noir

16. Italian Roast Beef at I & Monkey

We are going against the list a little bit as the Italian roast beef is not traditionally considered a steak preparation but it has beef cooked in a red wine sauce. You can understand why we had to include it here.


17. Jumbo Jack Daniels Steak at TGI Fridays

Did you know that TGI Fridays has an exclusive Jack Daniels menu? Yes, you heard it right. The best out of all the dishes definitely has to go to the steak variation prepared in a mouth watering Jack Daniels sauce. It preserved the flavor of Jack Daniels in the meat giving you the best of both worlds. 


18. Steak Chimichurri at The Grill House

This steak preparation is all about the spices from South America. An exquisite blend of different spices rubbed down on a tender red meat.


19. Grilled Lamb Steak at Moscow Mule

Lamb steaks are slightly above chicken when it comes to steak preparations. Again, it is all about the beef, but we will make an exception for this one as well. This grilled lamb steak has flavors of rosemary and black pepper marinated in red wine and grilled to the bone.


20. Beef Steak at Peppermill Bistro

The beefsteak at Peppermill Bistro defines what tenderness in meat preparations is all about. The beef is marinated and cooked so well that it melts in your mouth. The most succulent and well prepared steak dish we have laid our hands on in Bangalore.

beef steak

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