Now Enjoy Better Coffee With Probat and Kaapi

Coffee roasted to perfection

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Probat, the Germany based coffee roasting and grinding machines manufacturers are set to launch operations in India at the Kaapi Machines plant in Bangalore. Headquartered in Emmerich am Rhein in Germany, Probat has been the leader in supplying machines, plants and innovative coffee making technology for the hospitality industry.

Probat started out in 1868 and the first Probat roasters as we know it came into existence in 1920. Probat further developed its first large roster series, which makes espresso, in 1930. Probat continued to tweak the coffee grinding and roasting technology with the development of several roasters over the years.

Major coffee shops around the world use a specific model of Probat P25 drum roasters, which contain spinning barrels to consistently distribute the heat. Probat has such a distinct and recognisable name in the coffee industry that professional coffee tasters and coffee connoisseurs collect vintage Probat rosters for their personal collection.


Since 2012, Probat has been in partnership with Kaapi Machines for supply and distribution in the Indian market. The success has led to the establishment of full-fledged production plant in Bangalore to further dive into the market. The production base already has an extensive lab and training centre providing various services, such as demonstration of coffee roasting and grinding techniques to prospective clientele.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Probat Group CEO Wim Abbing said “After serving the Indian market over 50 years through a representation, we joined hands with Kaapi Machines India as a joint venture in 2012. What served as a service and distribution point for the Indian market for more than two generations, has now become a production site for Probat.”

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