Enjoy Cheap Thrills With Rolls And Grills In Bangalore

Kebabs and rolls on the streets

Juicy kebabs and rolls are available everywhere, but the essence of  their flavours lies on the streets. The variety of these succulent dishes can only be enjoyed with a close group of friends standing on the corner of a road and indulging in the flavours of the world.  

Kebabs have historically been an open air dish where medieval soldiers use their swords to grill the meat in an open field fire. Trying to capture the same feeling is easier at these street food stalls in Bengaluru.   

1. Spicy Grill Chicken Seekh Kebabs at HSR Layout

This small road-side stall serves the the best Andhra style chicken kebabs. For Rs.35, you get the most succulent and spicy piece of grilled meat that you can lay your hands on. Economical and delicious. What more can you ask for?


2. Salaam Sigri Rolls and Kebabs at Kaggadasapura

With a variety of kebabs available, both mutton and chicken, Salaam Sigri serves the juiciest kebabs in Bangalore. Marinated to perfection and coated with right amount of spice, the kebabs are made fresh off grill as you order. If you are in the mood for some good kebabs at a nominal price, this is the place to visit. 



3. Khan Saheb Grills and Rolls

Although Khan Saheb is an outlet present in many areas, their kebabs and rolls are what made them famous. Their special vegetarian rolls are one of a kind with varieties of paneer, aloo, mushroom and babycorn served inside succulent maida rotis.  For all the non-vegetarians, you can treat yourself to the various preparations of Chicken and Mutton rolls. 


4. Khalim’s Sheekh Kebab Stall at Shivajinagar

This road-side stall doesn’t have any boards to advertise itself but their  kebabs do the talking. Their most famous and talked about dish is their classic sheekh kebabs and they also serve Phal, undercut beef marinated and grilled over coals. This dish stands out on its own because of the marination and the cooking process of grilling it over coals instead of frying on tawa. Make sure you are at the stall nice and early because the food disappears as soon as it appears on the grill.


5.  Siddique Kebab Center at Johnson Market

Johnson Market is famous for its line of stalls selling kebabs and other delicious varieties of chicken, mutton and beef but Siddique’s stands out because of their sheekh kebabs which melts in your mouth. Their fresh kheema samosas are the one variety of samosa which we actually like because of the succulent meat inside.


6.  Al-amanah Cafe at Kammanahalli 

An Arabian cafe serving the best variety of falafel rolls and kebabs, Al-amanah should be your choice if you are in the mood for some Lebanese cuisine. From their generous helping of condiments which goes well with their rolls and kebabs, this place should give you an idea of the different flavours of the middle east. 


7.  Al-Hilal at Shivajinagar

Al-Hilal is famous for their red meat street savouries with the speciality of beef and mutton dishes. The most distinctive feature about their dishes is that they serve the masalas as an accompaniment to the main dish. They are famous for their grilled mutton chops and beef sheekh kebabs. Their grilled beef ribs also provide a variation to the normal kebabs and rolls. The generous portions on nominal prices makes this spot a must visit for all the red meat lovers. 

seekh kebab


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