Cause And Effect In Bengaluru: Social’s Beers Are Free (Almost)

Down it.

Social has been the go-to watering hole for the elite and the young crowd what with their snazzy decor and amazingly delicious food. Social has the perfect ambiance to kick back and enjoy the weekend (or weekday), and having a good time at Social now has become much cheaper thanks to some worthy promotions they are running.

Drink Beer For A Cause

Church Street Social is on a quest to clean up the roads of Bangalore with their ‘CAN-IT’ campaign. All you have to do is bring your empty beer cans to Social and they will replace it with a fresh pint of Budweiser beer. It sounds too good to be true but we won’t lie when it comes to free beer. Each can that you contribute to this amazingly worthy cause goes towards “Social currency” which you can use to claim your free pint of beer at the bar. Beer is amazing on its own but what puts it over the top is a free beer. This campaign is valid until December 23rd and only at Church Street Social. 


Drink Beer For Rs. 2

To celebrate the grand opening of their branch in Whitefield, Social has come up with a campaign targeted towards their young and mostly penniless demographic. Don’t worry, your pennies will buy you a lot at Social for the next 4 days. Bring a shiny 2 rupee coin and you will get 2 pints of beer. It’s that simple to get you started (or end it for some people) on your drinking session at Whitefield Social. Although it is not unlimited (we wish), 2 pints of beer for Rs. 2 is nothing to look over. This offer will be running at Whitefield Social only and is valid until December 12. So, what are you waiting for? Scrounge up those 2 rupee coins that you thought were worthless, head on over to Social and drink till your heart’s content.  


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