Streetside Stalls Selling Authentic Momos In Bengaluru

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Momos are the delicate and comforting food that you have when you are feeling a little down and you need something healthy to pick yourself up. Momos are made for all, the health conscious and the, well, not so health conscious. You can have the steamed momos if you are strictly following a diet or the fried variety if you want to give in to your cravings a little bit. 

There are plenty of restaurants serving “authentic” momos in Bengaluru but the road-side stalls are where it is the most authentic. With different style momos, from Darjeeling to Tibet, you can taste and savour the cuisine from all parts of the world. 

Here are a few of our road-side favourites which have a unique taste of its own. 

1. Delicious Momos – Kalyan Nagar

The wide variety of momos available here makes Delicious Momos a must visit. From fried momos to steamed momos and momos served in a bowl of sweet corn chicken soup, it’s all there for you to enjoy. We recommend the momos manchurian as it gives the best of both worlds, steamed and fried in a spicy manchurian gravy. 


2. Momos: Flavours of Tibet – HSR Layout

The speciality of this place is its larger than normal sized momos. Although it only comes in two variations, chicken and veg cheese, the enormous size and the fillings to match the size makes it a perfect snack or meal. 


3. Dava’s Hot Momos – Koramangala (Opp. Jyothi Nivas College)

Dava’s momos are a personal favourite because of its spicy chicken fillings. Most momos are pretty bland when it comes to the taste of the fillings but Dava marinates the chicken with spices giving it that required extra kick. The combination of the spicy filling and the soft steamed momos along with the chutney made with Dalle, a North Eastern chilli variety, makes it the ultimate blend of different cuisines.


4. Momos Stall – Kamanahalli (Jal Vayu Vihar Bus Stop) 

The momos served here are typical of other Darjeeling varieties served around the city but what makes it unique is the special peanut sauce as the accompaniment. We are always interested in the accompaniment for the momos because it elevates the flavour of the dish and nothing brings out the flavour of the momos better than this spicy peanut sauce.


5. Momos – RT Nagar (Near BDA Complex)

Although we consider veg momos as somewhat of an afterthought, the veg momos served here are the best of the lot. The perfectly spiced and marinated vegetables compliments the delicate steamed momos making us forget all about the non-vegetarian variety, almost.

fried momos

6. Dolma Momos – Kalyan Nagar

Although calling it a street side stall might be pushing it a little bit, Dolma makes the most authentic Tibetan momos in the city, well, at least if you go by their huge banner. The momos served here have a slight variation to the other momos served around the city with their big fillings. Our favourite was the original cheesy chicken momos, a perfectly cooked creamy chicken inside the pouch of love.  


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