Kitsch Mandi

If you are a true blue Bangalorean then you would have heard about Kitsch Mandi at some point of time!

You haven’t? Well then visit this edition of Kitsch Mandi this Sunday, 28th Feb at Pebbles – Jungle Lounge and discover one of Bangalore’s popular and loved flea market!

Kitsch Mandi was started by Diva Ganeriwal and Laila Vaziralli. It was Laila’s brainchild, coming from an art background studying photography and art and having been to a creative school like The Valley School. The idea behind it was to create a space where artists and designers could showcase their work in a casual environment outside of the gallery world.

Kitsch Mandi

When asked if it was influenced by any other festivals around the world, Laila had this to say,

“I spent a lot of time in Goa, at the flea market and in London and Spitalfields market. Both of those influenced Kitsch Mandi a lot.”

The soul of the festival is in the artists that are involved. emerging creative talent, product designers, sustainable eco designers, musicians, painters etc. The identity of Kitsch Mandi is that of an inspiring platform, with unique art curation and experimental experiences.

We asked the organizers what was special about this edition?

“This edition is very special as we aim to bring a range of products, music, and art that is inspired by indian heritage and folk art. We have Babu, a leather puppet maker from Andhra, Barmer Boys a manganiyar folk band from Rajasthan and gond inspired decor.”

Barmer Boys

When asked how Kitsch Mandi is unique, Laila said ” The intimacy  at Kitsch Mandi is unique. It is not an overwhelming mela, we have tried to keep it small, selecting only innovative art, and creating a vibe that is vibrant. We support installation artists with experimental idea, performing artists, and anyone with a unique idea.”

Looking back at all the connections that have been made, stories that have been told, Laila recalls this particular incident,

“At the start we didn’t have many connections with stall vendors, so i convinced a friend to put up a stall selling his mothers kheema pav. It did so well, that now he is owner of the punjabi fast food restaurant Tadka Singh. These stories keep us going and inspire us to continue.”

Be there at Pebbles this Sunday, 28th Feb starting 2 pm onwards!

What is the EventsHigh team looking forward to in this edition of Kitsch Mandi? – The Block printing and Clay Modelling workshops and the Live art by Avijoy Saha (Painting), Sree Ram (Block printing) and Hemanth (Pottery)!!

Kitsch Mandi night

About Kitsch MandiKitsch Mandi is a start up to support creative entrepreneurs through organizing art festivals and workshops. Their aim is to create a platform where art meets society in a casual yet inspiring environment.
They also provide the following creative services:

– Art direction and Decor for festivals. They have worked on Sunburn Goa, MAD festival Ooty, October Fest Bangalore.
– Art Workshops for children and adults at events and festivals.
– Artist Network: They have a network of upcoming artists and fresh talent, so if you have a wall to paint, a treehouse to build, or any art project in mind do contact them.