Jus’ Trufs : A Chocolate Haven

Jus’ Trufs is a gourmet paradise with artisan chocolates and home style food. Originally conceived a chocolaterie, it has now transformed into a relaxed home-style café & patisserie with a large performance/workshop space. The chocoholics at EventsHigh couldn’t be happier!

Chenddyna Schae, the taste behind Jus’Trufs loves her childhood favorite Dairy Milk, her own baileys indulgence and the truffles of (her teacher) De Zwarte Vos in Deinze, Belgium equally and believes that chocolate does make everything better!


Chenddyna discovered her love & respect for good chocolate on her early training at Taj Pastry Kitchens while packing & wrapping chocolates.

From setting up a small café in Manipal and later a handmade chocolaterie in Bombay she moved to Danddeli after marriage and then to Bangalore as a mother of two awesome boys in 2001. And now was the time to get back to handmade chocolates again. And Bangalore got lucky- The brand Jus’ Trufs was born!


left-quote-vector-icon-256I loved my truffles and we decided to specialize in truffles and called it Jus’Trufs. The purpose and mission is to create fresh chocolates, with no preservatives and we focused on customized chocolates. We were the first ones to make edible printed logos on chocolate!


Chenddyna took specialized courses in Belgian chocolates from Singapore and over the years has trained with several Belgian Master Chocolatiers. And that’s the secret how Jus’s Trufs creates the best Belgian Pralines right here in India.



Jus’ Trufs is client-centric and creates chocolates as per their needs, prefers traditional flavours and techniques and every chocolate is fresh, handmade with smooth cream fillings and no preservatives.


left-quote-vector-icon-256We value the long lasting relationships with clients and vendors. We have a very loyal team who has been with us from the day we started, learnt with us and stayed with us through our highs and lows.


They are constantly sharpening the saw at Jus’ Trufs – Love experimenting with new flavors and techniques and discovering new things every day. Engineering customized molds, various packaging, shipping chocolates all over India and how to prevent them from melting and also creating an e-commerce website were all part of the progress.


When prompted, Chenddyna happily highlights the Chocolate Tour at Jus’ Trufs,


left-quote-vector-icon-256Jus’ Trufs is perhaps the only chocolatiers who offer a full-fledged Chocolate Tour in India. In our chocolate tour there is a lot of knowledge sharing, it is fun and interactive and you actually get to temper your own Belgian chocolate and make your own truffles with us. We also host   birthday parties where the kids could make their own chocolates.



When asked about what’s churning, she readily shares,


left-quote-vector-icon-256Our latest offering is Bean to Bar, artisanal range of chocolates that’s made from scratch in house with cocoa beans grown in India. This is in keeping with our “grow local buy local” belief. The 99% dark chocolate and the sea salt with chili chocolate is making huge waves.


Since 2012, Jus’Trufs has created the café and patisserie and a very cool events space. The café is built around a chocolate display & shop. The same principle of fresh food and no preservatives in all the desserts, cakes, and food along with our chocolates is upheld. The guests love the simplicity of the ambiance and the food. Improv Comedy shows, music , theatre, comedy and more is happening at their events floor.




Here’s what’s in store this March at Jus’ Trufs:

March 18 (Fri):        I Love You, Lets Have Sex (Play) Preceded by a Book presentation by Celebrity Authors

March 19 (Sat):       Chocolate Tour

March 20 (Sun) :    Chocolate Easter Egg Workshop




Good chocolate should be fresh and at room temperature. No gimmicks – just focus on pure simple taste – Just like in Life!