Wheels of a Pedal, Move together: The Unventured Story

Do you love to travel, explore and believe that it’s the journey that matters more than the destination? And the thrill of adventure ranks high on your list while rediscovering stories of people, places, cultures and flavors is key– Then look no further as Unventured is here!


Unventured is a small group only experiential travel company that organizes bike, hike and dive tours across India and South East Asia. Speaking to Shwetha Rajashekar , Chief of Experiences, which  by itself was an experience as EventsHigh traveled with her into the Unventured territory.




Beginning of a Journey: 

Co-Founders Guru (Chief “Unventurer”) & Tej (Chief “Awesomiser”) were school buddies and Unventured was in fact a result of a long chat during an alumni meet on their common interest – Traveling at a slow pace.


Guru, Tej and Shwetha shared the thirst for exploring the world as a local and strongly believed  that the Bicycle allows one to connect with the locals, enjoy the beauty of the nature and explore a destination at their own pace. Unventured was Born!


In the Open: 

What sets Unventured apart from other travel organizers is that, its trail is never mere cycling from destination A to B.


left-quote-vector-icon-256An Unventured trail is adventure travel  that has a lot more to do with the journey than the destination; an exploration of self along the road-less-traveled, while keeping track with the local culture, natural history and interesting information of the region, guided by the group leaders.


A Tour for every Traveler: 

The cycling trails cater to travelers based on the regions, lengths and intensities – To quote a popular few

Bangalore City Tours:     Flavours of South and North Bangalore, The Colonial Church Tour

Weekend Tours:              Ooty via Kalhatty Trail, Yercaud Weekend Getaway

Extended Getaways:      Munnar Hike & Bike Trail, Hampi-Badami Tour

Long Haul:                       Manali-Leh, Bhutan, Ladakh, Sikkim, Goa




Wheels Together:

A bicycle allows you to connect with the locals, soak into the beauty of the nature, stop-by at your wish and capture the nature in your eyes and camera. Beyond all this, it’s a great way of travelling responsibly.


left-quote-vector-icon-256We ride, we see and we head back, without leaving a footprint.


Travel Responsibly:


left-quote-vector-icon-256We are constantly in the learning of sustainable ways to travel and eco tourism initiatives that empower locals, helping them build sustainable lives and educate travelers about eco friendly practices.  We also connect at the grass-root levels, empowering the local vendors on all of our  tours than feeding Corporations.


Instead of bottled water we sought to streams that are un-polluted and safe for human consumption thereby ensuring access to good hygienic water for our travelers (on long haul tours)  and yet not compromising on the hygiene quotient and quality of water. We prefer staying in local home-stays mostly Vs staying in star hotels.



A Pit Stop to Share Stories:


left-quote-vector-icon-256It’s heartening to see that several father-daughter, mother-daughter, uncle-nephew duos who join us on our long haul trails by the end of the tour have built an even stronger bonding than before.

As part of our local experiences, we engage our travelers in pottery making with one of the local vendors in the Nandi village, who has been in the business of pottery making for the last 3-4 generations. We were featured recently on the Outlook Traveller , the master potter was thrilled to see himself on the cover photo of the magazine. I just have no words to express what he was feeling!


What Lies Ahead:



Customized Self guided tours is something that we are currently exploring.


You get a car, driver/mechanic, a docket with all the information about your and route maps loaded on your phone and the driver’s phone.  What more, you ask? Well…a curated picnic basket, Med kit, bicycle spares and a bicycle.


City or Countryside? Culture or Adventure?

With the ever increasing traffic in cities, countryside is something that I always envy.


left-quote-vector-icon-256To me, culture and adventure goes hand-in-hand and every trail of Unventured substantiates this, as local experiences is an integral part of every adventurous experience with us.