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Many great ideas are born in Bathrooms – Well, the idea of Art in Bathrooms for Indu Antony did. Indu (Director-Community, NUMA Bengaluru) a visual artist, feels “ Bathrooms are a very intimate space for people, and for me personally, where many of us collect our thoughts (or read). So, I thought why not bring in art there”. It’s not easy to shut doors when born in a big family, she continues, except the bathroom doors- which become thinking spaces.

left-quote-vector-icon-256Every space at NUMA Bengaluru, one of Bangalore’s best co-working spaces, inspires!


Office Space at a prime location, Mentorship, International Audience, Corporate clients, Financial Backup, Events that inspire and also let you have fun!  NUMA Bengaluru , a six floor  innovation hub offers all this and more to talented professionals and creatives to build businesses, services, & products.

left-quote-vector-icon-256NUMA brings together under one umbrella three main activities: community events, startup acceleration, and innovation programs for corporates.

When the 15 year old French start-up accelerator NUMA decided to launch 15 sites internationally, Bangalore was only 2nd to Moscow.  NUMA France (formerly a nonprofit – Silicon Sentier) collaborated with Cobalt Bangalore, then a co-working space, to develop an exceptional work environment at the heart of a thriving ecosystem. NUMA Bengaluru is succeeded by NUMA Mexico City, Casabalanca and Barcelona.


Coming Soon: Accelerator Program Season 2


With so many start-ups vying for NUMA’s mentorship it was no surprise to receive over 250 submissions in response to their first 6 months accelerator program in India. The panel after several levels of selections chose the final 10 start-ups that were scalable, have a broad international vision, a strong complimentary team with an open-minded leader and a product with a lot of scope to improve.

left-quote-vector-icon-256NUMA being sector-agnostic , the start-ups chosen were from diverse sectors like publishing, education, market research and hyperlocal delivery.


The Library on Floor 5


1Plify,Mensroom, FlippAR, Canvazify, Fullonwedding, Najdik, Svadhin, Courtside are the finalists of the first accelerator program and are currently on the 4th Floor working hard towards the Demo Day on May 26th, being organized by NUMA. The program provides bootstrapping money, access to over 450 mentors for experience sharing, one-on-one mentorship with a mentor of choice, various workshops on marketing & pitching their product, legal assistance and culminates with product-demo for promising investors. NUMA continues to support the startups post-program also and helps keep their wheels spinning.

left-quote-vector-icon-256Co-working is sharing your space while growing your business!

The co-working space on the 5th floor at NUMA is an open, airy and no restriction area that breathes ideas & inspires every day.  One could get a day or monthly pass and set up a private office, rent meeting halls or choose a quiet corner to work in silent-mode by thyself. Uninterrupted Wi-Fi, stress busting foosball, unlimited coffee and the social activities on the 6th floor are all part of the package.


Acceleration Floor


The Events space that’s on the head (6th floor) of the structure, where the right brain ticks off the left brain, is alive with events throughout the week.  Its open to enthusiastic performers and the general public, events both educational  and entertaining- Workshops, Hackathons, Garage Sales, Plays and Tuesday Film Screenings. The latest are a German Puppet wanting to meet an Indian (Puppet) Girl and a Figurative Portrait Painting workshop.


The Events Space on Floor 6

The French Café Le Casse Croûte (who also run a food truck), located on floor 6.5 of NUMA, now offers a popular French Thali , a tasteful sample of Indian & French Collaboration. It proves that though Field Tech (online payments) previously and Food Tech (Online Food Ordering) currently are trending –  Hanging out in a Café with friends and relishing the food & lively chatter would always keep on going.



After the tour of their premises, I couldn’t but agree more with Brigit Lucy (Manager-Community) that,

left-quote-vector-icon-256“ There’s No better place than NUMA”



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