Events for Kids in Bangalore

Bangalore is always buzzing with activity and the little kiddos have enough happening to keep them happy- Food events, plays, sports, education programs and Games! Allow yourself some time with the little people and have fun filled days at Bangalore.

Events High brings you the top Kids events in Bangalore.


Suno Socho Banao – Stories & Puppets

Whenever we listen to stories, we imagine how the characters would be. In this session we will make simple puppets after the storytelling. This session will show children how they can have fun while making simple crafts in the form of puppets and still play with them and make more on their own at home! While they may not look fancy and like store-bought toys, they will give children a sense of satisfaction as it will be a reflection of what they like. 

When: Saturday, 6 August 2016 , 3:00PM – 6:30PM
Fee: Rs 350 , Register Here


Educate and Entertain


Play games from all across India with nostalgic games such as pagade, Tiger and Goat, Pallanguli, Chowkadara, Konane & Tima sticks. A 2 hour experience to let go of pressure, enjoy mentally and physically challenging games, guidelines will be given by an instructor to ensure you a playful and amusing entertainment. Game on!

When: Until 15th August 2016 | 11:30am

Where: Kavade ATTIC

Fee: Rs. 280, Register Here



Heritage in a poem: Lets have fun with history – Children’s Workshop for BPF


Explore Indian history and heritage with poetry, Vikramjit Singh will introduce a high energy, fun and interactive course to help kids with history and poetry. They will be creating their own poems in groups and take back a piece of history in a poem.

Ages: 10 and above

When: 6th August 2016 | 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Where: The Leela Palace

Fee: Rs. 300, Register Here





P.C. Sorcar Magic Show – With P. C. Sorcar Jr.


The heir to the legendary Indian magician P.C. Sorcar  will amaze you by the unique techniques developed since ages through the long lineage of Sorcar. Get mesmerized by Sorcar’s style, magic and charm. This is an event that can be equally enjoyed by kids and adults. Sorcar’s magic shows always make for a great enthralling experience. He puts together several performances into one alluring show.

When: 12th – 15th August 2016 | 7:00pm

Where: Bangalore Town Hall

Fee: Rs. 300 onwards, Register Here


Bringing Out The Inner Potential Of Your Child

This workshop is designed with two key objectives: Ensure effective and enjoyable parenting by assisting parents in discovery of their child’s innate potential, the scientific way!  Empower children with the required life skills to help them face life challenges better, in turn helping them realize their dreams.

When: Sunday, 14 August 2016 |9:00AM – 5:00PM
Where: Sahasra Shree Tech Park , Bangalore

Fee: Rs 900 onwards, Register Here