20 Unique Things Bangaloreans Are Doing This New Year

1. New Year 2017 Campfest


Indulge in a fairy tale lantern fest reflecting into the tranquil water next to your Outdoor camp fest. Relish the DJ beats and step in style into 2017 new year conquering the fears with loads of aqua sports. Celebrate your new year in a hatke Open Air Camping fest in the most exciting way with your adventure tribe with all cocktail activities of Fairy lantern fest, Camping, DJ with world class adventure water sports with the wind farms on the viewpoint.

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2. Kodachadri trekking, awesome sunset and great trekking


Kodachadri hills are filled with dense forests at an altitude of 1343 metres above sea level. While trekking to the top of altitude one can witness beauty of Hidlumane Falls. The sunset watched from Kodachadri peak on a clear day is an enchanting experience. Kodachadri trekking starts from Nagodi village or Nittur, Shimoga village which are located at the base of Kodachadri. It is just 399 kms from Bangalore, one can take public transport to reach Nagodi village (Hosanagara Taluk).There are so many trekking routes to reach Kodachadri. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya meditated on Kodachadri peak. To commemorate this, the Sarvagna Peeth is located at the site. The Kodachadri trek is possibly the toughest of popular treks in Karnataka but the view from the peak makes the effort worthwhile. A cover of verdant jungle stretches in all directions, and on a clear day, one can catch a glimpse of the azure Arabian Sea from the top.

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3. Hampi Trek – New Year Special:


A story crafted in stones about 600 years ago, Hampi is a place which mesmerizes every time you visit it. A beautiful sheer spread and magnitude of structures amongst the hillocks full of rocks and trees. Hampi is about 350 Km toward the north of Bangalore and in eastern region of Karnataka. It’s charismatic even in its ruined state, attracting thousands of visitors every year. Vast stretches of boulder-strewn hills make the backdrop of Hampi unique. Dotted around the hills and valleys are 500 plus monuments. Among them are beautiful temples, ruins of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings the list is practically endless. Hampi is a backpacker’s paradise, the same way a pilgrim’s delight.

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4. Gokarna Trek – New Year Special:


Gokarna, which means the cow’s ear, is a holy site located on the Karavali Coast nestled between the rivers of Agnashini and the Gangavali. The centre is known for housing the famous Shiva Temple where the ‘Aatmalinga’ is located. It is believed that Aatmalinga of Lord Shiva is in the shape of a cow’s ear, thus giving rise to the name, Gokarna. Gokarna is hailed as one of the seven ‘Muktistalas’ or pilgrimage centres of the state of Karnataka in India. The Town is located in the northern-coastal region of Karnataka which is about 518 km from Bangalore. It is not as fancy as Goa but this is the place where people all over the world come for peace for culture for temples and of course for the beautiful beaches. It is with four of India’s most secluded and pristine beaches nestled nearby. It draws both pious pilgrims and hedonistic holiday makers with equal enthusiasm. Gokarna experiences the southwest monsoon from June to August, following which the weather becomes dry and sunny. The best time to visit Gokarna is from October until March, when the weather is warm and pleasant. An overnight journey to Gokarna make it more convenient and perfect weekend getaway.

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5. Rambo Circus:


Always ahead in entertainment, Rambo Circus brings award winning circus artists from across the globe and with many unique attractions to boast of. Truly a first-of-its-kind with spellbinding feats performed by traditional Indian artists as well as circus stalwarts from countries like Uzbekistan, Nepal, Ethiopia, Colombia – are the highlights of the circus show. The custom made fully Water and Fire resistant Italian Tent is a certain crowd-puller, along with Smoke Machines, Special Lights, Special Sound Effects and Super Talented 150 Artistes. It has been universally accepted that a circus is the only entertainment which can be witnessed by the entire family.
Date: Sat 31 Dec Time: 07:00 PM

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6. Cocktail Making Session:


A Group Cocktail Making Session with an Expert. Is that a drink, is that a spill, is that a cocktail? OR Is that a mix? What’s this tour about? Enjoy the interactive mixology session with your expert mixologist that takes your group on a cocktail making lesson! Experiment with a wide range of raw ingredients from various families like spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables to make lip-smacking cocktails you can even make at home later! Mixology is generally accepted as a slang term for a refined and in-depth study of the art and craft of mixing. We will take you through a 2-hour micro tour, mixing drinks from around the world while teaching you at the same time, giving you enough room to experiment! What awaits you?
– 4 slick cocktails for you to make and drink!

– A lesson on how to make them

– Finger food!

We can experiment with a liquor of your choice and depending on availability. Why should you take this tour? Break the routine with a wonderful interactive experience for your group. Indulge in the fine art of cocktail making as you bond and grow as a group! Who is this suited for? Anyone interested in mixing that perfect drink! Who is conducting the tour? This mixology lesson will be conducted by a professional mixologist. Inclusions Venue, drinks, snacks, mixologist, bar equipment. Notes: This tour timing/venue can be customized as per your convenience.

Date: 31 Dec 5:00PM

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7. Impact-Theatre:


At Impact, We set a stage for the children to explore their self-awareness and artistic skills, act out their imagination, fine tune their communication and social skills. Children will write screen play and dialogues, Perform Mimes, Mono acting, Dubbing, Design Makeup and Costume, Explore usage of Space usage, Stage design, Props making, Lighting and Sound Effects, Make Trailers, Ads, Publicity and Marketing, Learn about History, different forms of theater and world theater. All this while having frolicking fun. Age Group 4+ Years
Date: 31 Dec 2016 11:30AM At Impact

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8. Speakers’ Club:


Speakers Club is a place for children above 8 years to explore and learn about speaking. Speaking to a group in an organised or impromptu setting is a key skill for children to have. From preparing the speech to using voice and body to convey their point in a persuasive way, speakers’ Club will help children develop their own style in voicing their thoughts Saturdays, Rs 1200 per month,8+ Years.

Date: 31 Dec 2016  Time: 11:00AM

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9. Classified @ Breakout:


Breakout is Bangalore’s first and only interactive, immersive real-life escape game. You, as a team, are on a mission. You are locked in a small room filled with interesting, brain tickling puzzles and mysteries that test your on-your-feet thinking and reasoning capabilities, and your ability to do jugaad. Escape the room in 60-quick minutes. Else, you shall be trapped there for eternity. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a CIA agent on a top secret mission, this game gives you the chance.

At Ashcliffe, a mental asylum for the worst criminals located on a remote island, 13 inmates are dead and 7 inmates along with a doctor and a nurse have disappeared overnight. You, as part of the CIA, are on a classified mission to decipher the enigma at the island. However, you are captured, handcuffed and locked in a room. A team of incendiaries are expected to arrive in 60 minutes to incinerate your team. Can you decipher the secret and complete your task before they arrive? ‘Classified’ can be played by a team of 2-5 players. Reserve your slot by paying for 2 people. Any extra players in your group can pay in person at the venue by cash/card.

Note: INR 499 per extra person is chargeable on all days.

Date: Sat 31 Dec   Time: 12:00 PM

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10. Parasailing in Bangalore with Viking Aerosports:


Parasailing is a recreational aerosport activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a parachute. It is different from paragliding which is free flying. This can be done by beginners without any adventure background or any hard training. It is done in a controlled environment under the supervision of a highly experienced ex IAF officer and qualified Aeronautical Engineers, though all activities are exposed to certain calculated risk.
Parasailing is more stable and efficient, especially during the ascent mode. So wake up and challenge the fear inside you as you indulge in this adventure sport. You will certainly enjoy the bird’s eye view. The smile on your face is worth saving in your archive as you make a happy landing. This activity is based on weather conditions and body weight of the participant.

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11. Programming Club:


Program A Party is a one of a kind programming event for children. It is a two day event, where children can drop in and out at any time. Each child will be given programming tasks, one at a time. As they complete each task they will move on to further tasks that increase in complexity levels. The different tasks that they perform will introduce children to the variety of tools available for them to use, various applications it can be used for and some fundamental concepts in computer science. At each stage children will be helped and guided to complete the task. They can complete as many tasks as possible depending on the time they spend. Age Group 6+ Years
Fees: Rs. 350 per day

Date: 1 Jan 2017    Time: 11:00AM

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12. CyclingBoutique: Sunday Morning | Roadie Scum ~ Endurance RoadBike Rides:


Join us for a power packed endurance rides radiating 360 degrees from the central Bengaluru towards the towns on city boundaries, testing your power, stamina and passion for racing. Completely free, organised super cool rides for practicing for upcoming @Bangalore Bikers Championships (BBCh), Brevets, Tour of Nilgiris (TFN) or any other endurance testing rides. The idea for this ride is to bring more people to take up road biking and enjoy the best of power packed shorter scheduled rides around Bangalore. It’s fun, meeting more roadies and get all benefits of cycling. Of-course, you won’t forget the tastes of power breakfasts we takes on our short breaks!

Date: 1st Jan 7AM

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13. Kodachadri Trek:



This enchanting mountain around 422 km from Bangalore, stands overlooking Western Ghats in Shimoga. Kodachadri has earned the name as the Cherrapunji of Karnataka, as it receives the highest rainfall, making the place look more enchanting, pure and unsullied. Being the highest mountain range in the Shimoga district, Karnataka at an elevation of 1343 m, makes the Kodachadri trip a hot spot for activities like trekking, forest exploration, etc.

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14. Calling 2017 @ Chikkamagaluru

Skip the cramped party floors and jam packed roads in the city. Here is a chance to escape off to a perfect holiday resort for a fun party this New Years. Enjoy camping, bonfire, trekking, art-coffee-music, DJ and more! Filter Coffee is organizing a super fun loaded overnight camping party at Eco Holiday Home, Chikkamagaluru for New Years. With some of the best musicians and spectacular performances, this is going to be one epic night of kicking start the new year. Chikkamagaluru is also one of the best spots for nature lovers.

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15. Hot Air Balloon Ride at Jakkur

Like they say, Sky’s the Limit! Kick in some adrenaline rush to the celebration this New Years. Fly high on a Hot Air Balloon ride at Jakkur. These Hot Air Balloon rides have grown to become on of the favorite activities for people in the city. On a popular public demand, Aero Adventures is set to host one more massive Hot Air Balloon ride in the city, letting people experience the fun of doing some adventure activities and sports. With lovely birds-eye view of the lovely city, this is going to be one fun experience, flying into the sky. Don’t miss it!

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16. Discover Scuba Diving with The Scuba Training Co

Get to learn the ‘know how’s of one of the most exotic and fun adventure activity. Scuba diving, as fun as it sounds is also one of the most adventurous things to do. There will be a briefing session on how the entire process would be. Information on diving, elaborate sessions on important scuba diving techniques and details on the breathing apparatus and more will be run through with the participants, by professional trainers. If you’ve wondered what it would be life to breathe underwater, then this is your chance to actually figure it out!

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17. Coorg Trek and Camping with Trip Chale

A super fun trip to Jodpal, trekking and camping for this weekend could make your New Years more memorable than ever, without a doubt. Experience a great trek, a nature walk, some campfire sessions along with spotting some wildlife out in a totally inhabited, quiet Jodpal. What better than a rejuvenating time out soaking up the goodness nature has to offer?

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18. Ulsoor Heritage Walk

Take a stroll along one of the oldest parts of Bangalore. Unwrap some history and as you learn about the Garden city, step back in time and relive the city’s perfect old memories. Get to know stories of a centuries-old lake and the watch tower. Visit the British regimental church with its magnificent murals,memorials & statues. The 3 kilometer walk, is sure to let you trip over the finest history that the city has been beautifully resounding over the years.

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19. Thadiyandamol Trek with New Year Celebration

Trek up Thadiyandamol, one of the highest peaks in Karnataka and make this New Year celebration an exciting experience. There’s going to be a great deal of celebration that will include fireworks, food, campfire and DJ. You will be spotting some wildlife, stopping by scenic falls and view points that would trail one through a journey of splendid scenes. You also get to visit the golden temple on your way back. There’s nothing more that to just pack and leave.

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20. Ramanagara Trek with Adventure Activities

Here’s a fun way to escape a crowded city an add some adventure factor to this years New Year celebration. Trek up Ramanagara, the perfect weekend getaway spot and engage in some fun activities. The location is only about 50 Kms from the city, making it the best escape. There’s going to be trekking, rappelling, some fun kayaking during the trip. To add to the fun, you will also be able to enjoy some high tea and outdoor games like target shooting, archery, badminton, etc. Without a doubt this would be a ruffle on your comfort zone and we think that’s the best you could start the New Year with.

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